Posted by: wildflowerz | August 15, 2011

Calling all the neighbors: Time to make amends. Whiskey floods the table, aw good friends ’til the end. They’re making silly faces and it’s tasting bitter sweet.

Pretty good, lazy weekend. 🙂  We went to the pool on Saturday.  One of Em’s friends that she played with all last year was there, so Em was ecstatic.  She played with her, her little brother, and another two sibling boys.  I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the older of those two boys was doing the elementary school version of flirting.  It was pretty cute.  He’s in 4th grade.  He kept bonking her on the head with her kickboard and she kept shooting him with a water gun.  At one point, he kicked her in the nose.  You know, typical kid stuff.  X-P  Okay, the nose kick was an accident, but yeah.  Anyway, he’s a cutie too!  Em’s friend’s mom said it looked like Em was working on her future prom date!  /lol  We were at the pool for about 4 hours.  I actually got a bit of a burn for the first time this summer!

Sunday we sat around all day and watched tv.  We watched an awful Snow White movie with Kristin Kreuk.  Then, we watched The Neverending Story.  I realized why I’d never watched it as a kid.  Ug.  Em loved it though.  Then, we watched the 2nd one.  It was just as good as the first.  Ug!  Oh well.  Em liked them, so I guess it’s cool. 🙂

Not much going on this week that I know of.  We should be hearing next week about Em’s soccer team.  So, yay.  I’m still confused about Em’s teacher.  She goes on and on about how Em takes forever to do her school work and doesn’t have time to do AR tests.  She wants Em to slow down and take tests.  Then over the next two days, she get her to take at least 8 AR tests.  8!?!  Hrm.

I just got back from the grocery store.  You know, I thought I was lazy, but nothing I do compares to what I saw.  So, this SUV was parked about 2 parking spaces into the parking lot when I was loading my car.  I finished up and went to take my cart back to the store.  The SUV pulls up right in front of the store to pick up a lady that just came out.  She’s got two tiny bags of stuff, barely with anything in them and she’s pushing them in a shopping cart.  She wheels the cart to the car, takes out the bags, and gets into the car.  She can’t even manage the 10 feet back to put the cart back in the store!  Seriously?  Wow.

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