Posted by: wildflowerz | August 18, 2011

Come on down and dance, if you get the chance. We’re gonna spit on the rival. All I wanna know is how far you wanna go, fighting for survival.

Ever feel like no matter what you say, you get a smartass comment detailing how stupid you are?  Okay, maybe it’s just me.

So, Em came home on Tuesday with a flyer from school about Girl Scouts.  One of her two best friends did it last year and is continuing this year.  Her other best friend is joining this year.  Guess who wants to now be a Girl Scout?  Unfortunately, they didn’t plan too well because the flyer went home on Tuesday and the information meeting they had was that evening.  So we couldn’t go.  But I emailed the contact on the flyer and got the information.  Looks like Em’s gonna be a Girl Scout.  Well, when the lady emails me back to let me know what to do next.  She might be in the troop with her best friends and she might not.  The good thing is that she has 3 other friends in our little section of the neighborhood and they all are in different troops.  So even if she doesn’t get in the one she wants, she’ll still probably know someone.  So, yay.  The cookie wars are going to be vicious!  So, I’ll go ahead and say if you don’t have any attachment to your current GS cookie hookup, please keep us in mind.  Em will be happy to supply your GS cookie crack.  🙂

Our internet is awful.  Back when we dropped our dish and phone service and went to internet-only tv, we upped our internet speed to the highest available.  Since then, it’s sucked ass.  Yes, it’s super fast on downloads, but we’re dropped ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  It’s especially annoying when watching internet tv.  See, when we’re watching something via Netflix on the XBox, it feels like the program info is temporarily downloaded to the XBox for the movie or tv show that we’re watching.  So, if we lose the connection in the middle (which happens almost every time), we still usually get to finish watching the program.  At the end, we have to re-login to XBox Live.  Still, not that much of a pain.  However, watching internet tv through the PlayOn interface, it doesn’t do the download thing.  If we lose connection, it all stops.  When we’ve reconnected, it won’t continue.  If we go back to start it, the “Resume” feature doesn’t work.  If we start it from the beginning, we can’t fast forward to where we were at.  So we have to watch the entire thing all over again.  That’s if we have the patience for it.  Usually we don’t so we just miss whatever it is and it’s annoying as hell.  So, in theory, someone’s coming again to look at it.  Last time the guy was here he said it was because of our router.  I know nothing about it, so how was I to know it was a BS answer.  So, somehow, Chris scheduled a guy to come out again when he wasn’t here.  You’d think he’d have learned last time to make sure he could be here to talk to them.  Oh well.

I’m up to season 6 of Voyager.  I might be able to finish it by Dragon*Con, but I’ll probably be burnt out on Star Trek!  In other news, someone published a schedule grid of the available panels online.  It doesn’t do any good to worry about it until the final thing comes out, but it’s still fun to go through and look at stuff I might want to see.  This year, I hope to see a lot more on the Skeptics track.  There’s also going to be an entire panel on Neville in the YA track, so I hope to get to that too.  The actual guests, I’m not super hyped about this year.  Wil Wheaton for sure.  The Being Human trio for sure.  Other than that, it’s people I woudn’t mind seeing or people I’ve seen before, so it’s not of the highest import.  So maybe this year I’ll be seeing a lot more the fan discussion panels.  We’ll see, I guess.

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