Posted by: wildflowerz | August 24, 2011

I’ve got this friend, I don’t think you know her. She sings a simple song. It sounds a lot like his. Oh I’ve got this friend. Holding onto her heart like it’s a little secret, like it’s all she’s got to give.

I know I’m more impatient than most, but how much can one girl take!?  I’m waiting to hear back about Girl Scouts.  I’m also waiting to hear about Em’s soccer team.  Coaches were supposed to start contacting their teams on Monday.  And I’m waiting on the Dragon*Con schedule.  Gah!  This isn’t fun!

I went to Em’s curriculum night last night.  Pretty standard stuff.  Em’s teacher only believes in home work if the kids need it and not as busy work.  Even then, only the actual students who need it will get it.  As long as Em’s continuing to learn, I’m SO good with that.  She’s not had much homework at all so far and she’s loving it too.  I also got her all permissioned and paid for the upcoming field trip.  They’re doing Tellus again.  Not sure why.  They just went last year.  Or maybe it was in kindergarten?  Anyway, Em likes it a lot, so I know she’ll have a good time.  Also found out that the room mom lives in our neighborhood and she seems really nice.  I wanted to see if I could meet some of the moms of Em’s friends, but I couldn’t read the names on the desks while I was sitting during the meeting.  After, I talked to Em’s teacher for a bit and by the end, they’d bolted.  Oh well.

Every time I finish up some yard work I need to do, I discover more.  It’s never ending and I hate it.  Today I finished up spreading the mulch.  I also finished trimming the last bush.  We have one that’s right next to the top of the retaining wall, so it required a ladder.  I asked Chris to do it last week, but he didn’t.  So, I did all that and used the weed eater to trim all the edges around the concrete.  It looks pretty good!  Of course, when I finished and was taking everything back to the basement, I saw that one of our long areas with low bushes was overrun with weeds.  I think we need to find some type of weed killer that’s safe for the bushes.  At least this part you can’t really see form the road, so it’s not as big of a deal.  So there’s that. 🙂

So for you Dragon*Con people, here’s a question for you.  Which do you think would be less crowded:  Wil Wheaton with The Guild panel (also has Robin Thorson and Amy Okuda) or Wil Wheaton with Eureka (also has Colin Ferguson, Chris Gauthier, and Jordan Hinson)?  I’m thinking Eureka.  Sure it has more guests, but The Guild is immensely popular.  When it comes to what I’d actually like to see, I’d like to see him speak about Eureka and TNG, but I think the TNG one will be a little insane.  I was hoping to see Wheaton and Felicia Day at the same time, either for Guild or Eureka, but they aren’t scheduled for the same panel.  It’s probably better that way for crowds, but they interact SO much on Eureka that I’d have loved to see them together.  Plus they obviously get along well…they tweet each other all the time!

I’m up to season 7 of Voyager.  I just might make it.  🙂  Oh, hey, I ordered a new tee just for Dragon*Con.  Wanna see it?

Isn’t it awesome?  XD  I’m wearing it now.


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