Posted by: wildflowerz | August 28, 2011

All those times, in history, when the Doctor wasn’t there. I wondered why. I know the answer now. The Doctor must look at this planet, and turn away in shame.

Good weekend!  Saturday we spent a LONG time at the pool.  It was SO NICE.  It was a bit windy and not nearly as hot as it usually is.  And the water was pretty cool.  Yay. 🙂  We did Tuscany for dinner.

Today Em had a birthday party at the Bounce House.  She was one of only 3 girls that showed up.  It was a boy’s party.  She mostly hung with the 2 girls.  It was 2 girls I’d not heard her mention much, so it’s cool that she got to spend time with different girls.  After we had a bit of time to kill before her soccer meeting, so we went to Blockbuster to check out their Previously Vieweds.  SO not cool.  They had a big sign up over the Blurays saying 5 for $20.  So we picked out 5.  Evidently in the super-fine print, it said that was only for the $9.99 and under dvds.  BB is the suck.  They used to label those type of restrictions pretty well.  Not any more.  Blech.  Oh well.  We didn’t get anything.

After we went to Em’s meeting for her new soccer team.  She only recognized one other little girl there, but they are all cuties.  The new coach is much older and he kept having to explain stuff over and over because people kept showing up late.  Anyway, we got new uniforms and we’ll be practicing on Thursdays from 5-6.  It’s gonna make dinner annoying, but whatever.  We’ll deal.  Her first game is the same day she was invited to a birthday party and is the day after Chris is gonna have surgery for his snoring.  So, yeah.

After we got back, I got a phone call from Em’s new Brownie/Girl Scout leader.  It was funny because she was just at the soccer meeting!  We didn’t know who her leader was or which troop she’d be on and her leader didn’t realize who Em was.  The one other girl Em recognized at the meeting was this girl too, so that’s cool.  She starts tomorrow.  I do feel kinda bad, though.  Em’s best friend had wanted to join GS a while ago.  Em decided she wanted to do it when the flyer went home from school, which was much later.  This troop that Em’s on has Em’s OTHER best friend who did GS last year.  So when I emailed the contact person, I requested that Em be on that troop too.  So, it turns out that there’s only 1 slot on that troop and somehow the leader picked Em.  She said she picked first come, first serve, but Em’s friend’s mom went to the info meeting and I just emailed earlier that day for info since I knew we couldn’t come with the last minute notice.  So, I guess Em took the spot away from her!  Yeah, so I feel kinda bad about that.  I am glad that Em gets to do something with her other friend though.  This is the one she never gets to do play dates with, so it’s great that she’ll get to do one extra curricular with her and one with her other best friend.

I re-arranged my D*C schedule a bit.  Some stuff was cancelled, throwing my plans into a tailspin.  It’s looking like I’m not gonna go see a BSG panel this year so I can see a Being Human panel with the three main people.  I’ve seen all the people coming for BSG at least once (and most more than once), so yeah.  I’ve also got some free slots now too.  I’m waiting to see what some of my friends are doing before I settle on a final schedule though.  I like to do stuff WITH people, so if I can rearrange then, I might.  We’ll see.

Also?  Doctor Who started back yesterday!  Yay!


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