Posted by: wildflowerz | September 5, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Saturday

Saturday morning I woke up with an annoying headache and I was REALLY tired.  We headed on in and got there around 9:30.  I didn’t really have anything much at 10, but if we got there any later, we’d have been stuck by the parade, so we went ahead and arrived early.  Chris went out to watch the parade, but I decided to skip standing out in the heat this year and instead went ahead inside to line up for Tom Felton.

11:30am – An Hour with Tom Felton – There was nothing scheduled in the room for the 10am hour because of the parade, so they opened the room at 10:30 to let people in.  I was in the center aisle, about 6 or so rows back and had GREAT seats.  I read and ate lunch while waiting for 11:30 and for Tom to show up.  When he got there, he was adorable.  Just like the last time he came.  He’ll talk about most anything, it seems.  The Drarry stuff seems to embarrass him a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind talking about it really.  He was just too cute and he thanked everyone who asked a question and called them either “Lovely” or “Sweetheart.”  Adorable!

1pm – The Heroes Journey with Neville Longbottom – This was one of my two MUST SEEs.  It was in the Hyatt after Tom Felton, so I got there pretty quickly.  The line was growing by the second.  Chris was coming to see it with me, along with another friend.  But the annoying trend over the weekend where they wouldn’t let you save seats at all made it REALLY hard to meet up with friends in panels ’cause you couldn’t save seats.  Turns out this panel didn’t fill up and Chris showed up after the line came in, so I went to sit with him.  It was…pretty boring.  We watched about half of it before bailing to go get in the line for the next panel.

2:30pm – The Guild Q&A – This Guild panel had Felicia Day, Robin Thorson, and Amy Okuda.  When we first got in line, the line snaked into the parking garage for some reason.  Soon after we lined up, they moved it in the opposite direction and sent it outside the building like the other lines here had been over the weekend.  I think this one filled up, but we had no problem getting in.  Day is always adorable.  Okuda was a bit…hmm…young?  But she wasn’t too bad.  Thorson seemed cool too, but honestly Okuda and Thorson didn’t get too many questions, so it was mostly Day.

4pm – The Doctor Who Universe Experience – This panel was just downstairs from The Guild in a much smaller room.  So, after The Guild, we talked to a friend for a few minutes and then headed down.  Just as we were about to go downstairs, Chris inexplicably says, “I’m going to get a snack” and leaves me there.  He thought it was just a discussion panel when, in fact, it had Mark Sheppard (who’s made of awesome) and Gareth David Lloyd (also full of awesome).  So, I get downstairs and the line’s crazy and snaking all over the place.  Me a guy behind who gave me a red clothespin that gave me a Torchwood costume for the rest of the Con. XD  Chris finally made it downstairs and cut the line up to me.  We BARELY made it in.  Mark Sheppard got most of the questions and GDL kept asking if anyone had any weed and bemoaning the fact that he’s not working on anything.  They were both awesome.

5:30pm – Game of Thrones – This was back at the Marriott and it was full by the time we got there.  So, instead we went to Durango and had a yummy dinner.  Afterwards, we went to the Exhibit halls.  I got a C3PO/Cyberman & R2D2/Dalek tee and Chris got…a tee that I don’t know what it’s from.  I’d never been to the Westin, so Chris walked me there and I got in line for Diana Gabaldon at 8:30pm.

8:30pm – Whiskey, Haggis, & Madmen – I sat in line for this one for over an hour.  Mostly because I didn’t have anything else to do.  I finally got in and was in the 3rd row, smushed against a pillar.  This is where I remind myself next year to read the panel descriptions and not assume that just because Diana Gabaldon’s the only panelist listed and she’s only doing 2 panels the entire weekend, it will be about her books.  Because it was not.  There were a bunch of people on the panel and I got to hear how haggis and whiskey are made, how Braveheart was stupid but Rob Roy was pretty accurate, and not see some guy put on a kilt.  Yeah.  The panelists decide to ask for a volunteer to show everyone how to properly put on a kilt.  So they get this guy who takes forever to put on shorts under his kilt so he can take the kilt off.  Then he lays it on the floor and starts folding.  This is a long, narrow room.  I’m in the 3rd row and I can’t tell what he’s doing, so I know the people behind me were annoyed.  It took him FOREVER.  And then after he kept standing up front, like he was part of the panel and interrupting.  And there was a guy with a mic hovered up there doing the exact same thing.  It was just awful.  Chris came over and met me after and we just went home.


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