Posted by: wildflowerz | September 5, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Sunday

Sunday, I once again woke up with a headache and was SUPER tired.  Luckily, we went ahead and went in and got there around 9:30 and headed to our first thing at the Sheraton.

10am – The IT Crowd:  Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again? – This was just a fan panel.  The main guy on the panel said he had no real plan for it.  It SHOULD have been a suck ass panel, but it turned out to be my favorite of the entire Con.  Really, the whole thing was just people shouting out their favorite quotes and going “Remember that one time, when…”  The main guy on the panel did an AWESOME Moss voice.  A girl came in dressed like Jen and she was even wearing the red shoes.  And?  SHE BROUGHT THE INTERNET!  No one could believe the Elders of the Internet let her bring it, but I guess The Hawk said it was okay.  If you didn’t get any of that, you need to RUN and watch it.  It’s available on Netflix Instant, but I hear that the DVDs have tons of extras that are awesome.  In fact, I JUST ordered all 4 seasons.  Each season’s only about $12 too!  Anyway, later on in the panel, a guy showed up dressed as Moss.  He was spot on.  They ended up picking a guy out of the audience that looked close enough to Roy and did a family portrait.  My photo’s not great, but here it is:

You can see her red shoes and just barely tell that she has the internet sitting in her lap.  Anyway, from this panel, I got recommendations to watch Are You Being Served?, The Young Ones, Extras, and Peep Show.  There’s also a Moss iPhone app that’s evidently a must have.

11:30am – Eureka-Where the Laws Don’t Apply! – This panel was back in the Marriott and had already loaded when I got there.  It was pretty full, but the back 1/6 or so was only sparsely seated.  This one had Wil Wheaton, Jordan Hinson, Colin Ferguson, Chris Gauthier, and Kevin Grazier.  It was REALLY good.  Someone asked the panel about the weirdest thing they’d signed and Wil said he was disappointed he hadn’t been asked to sign any boobs yet.  So Colin lifts his shirt, begs a pen, and Will signs him.  And his chest looked AMAZING.  It was a super fun panel and I totally enjoyed it.  If you follow Wil on Google+ you’ll see he had some nice stuff to say about D*C.  I’m hoping for a blog post on it later too.

12:30pm – I had a Mark Sheppard panel, but by this point I was just so beat.  I’d seen him the night before, so it didn’t bother me much to miss him.  So, I decided I’d take another spin through the Exhibit Halls and Dealer room and then find somewhere in the Hilton to sit and read.  Well, I did look through the shopping and found nothing.  Also, the Hilton?  Not so quiet anymore either.  I couldn’t find ANYWHERE to sit and was feeling super lonely and sorry for myself…I just felt so awful.  A quiet place to read was all I really wanted.  So, Chris was doing something in the Hilton that he said wouldn’t be that crowded, so I went in with him at 2:30.  It was something about War on the Science track.  Meh.  I read for the first half of it then convinced Chris we should head to the Hyatt and stand in line for Michael Rosenbaum.

4pm – Smallville:  Silver Spoon Gone Bad – We went to the door and asked where the line was a the girl there didn’t know and didn’t seem to care.  It took a while, but we finally found it.  There was a line for that, Warehouse 13, AND Carrie Fisher all in the same area and it was a giant clusterfuck.  They loaded WH13 first and the line went in front of the long steps of the Hyatt b/w that and the Marriott, so it cut off people going up and down the steps.  Once they finally loaded us in, it was hard to keep up because of the crush of people and we almost lost the line several times and it wasn’t a long walk.  Once we got in, we got decent seats.  So, this was supposed to just be Michael Rosenbaum, but Laura Vandervoort was just about to leave for the airport and she sat in for about half.  Plus, Rosenbaum brought two of his friends up on stage with him.

He was as hilarious as always.  I’d hoped he’d talk more about Breaking In, but he didn’t mention much about it.  Still he was really funny and I enjoy him a lot.

5pm – We opted for the food court and got stuff from the gyro place.  This was actually our first food court of the weekend since we brought our food each day.  Afterwards, we took a final turn through the Dealer Room.  Found nothing.  We also went to the D*C store and bought our tickets for next year.

7pm – Stetsons are Cool:  Doctor Who New Series Review – We headed over to the Sheraton around 6:30 to wait for the DW panel.  Once the 5:30 Merlin panel let out, we realized we were in the wrong place.  So we headed back to the Marriott.  It had started raining when we headed over from the Marriott in the first place, but not too badly.  Still, we were a bit damp.  We got in the line for the panel just as they were loading and got in with no problem.  It started off to a bit of a slow start.  From there, it just got more boring.  The panelists all made some boring comments before they asked for questions.  Some lady gets up there whose only seen the Matt Smith DW and rambles on and on with a stupid question that she would have known the answer to had she watched the rest of the new Who.  And they let her!  It didn’t get any better.  We had a panel for The Big Bang Theory at 8:30, but we decided to just go home.  We watched the new eppy of Doctor Who when we got home, so all was good.

We decided on the way  home to not come back today.  I wanted to see Nana Visitor and Nicole de Boer, but not enough to overcome my fatigue and blahs.  So, today we slept in and then went to pick up Em.

Later this evening or tomorrow I’ll do a more general D*C post and possibly post those books lists if anyone’s interested.


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