Posted by: wildflowerz | September 6, 2011

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

I changed my ringtone on my phone to Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.  Now I just want to let it ring and dance whenever someone calls.  XD

After Dragon*Con, I always feel so incredibly overwhelmed with all the great nerdy STUFF I want to get through.  I’ve already been working my way incredibly slowly through the How Stuff Works podcasts.  I listened to all the Stuff You Should Know before stopping and listening to Nerdist and then Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  I got totally caught up on those before I started on Stuff You missed in History Class.  I’ve been listening to History and now I’m WAY behind on Nerdist and pretty behind on Stuff You Should Know and Jay and Silent Bob.  I just got a TON of good recommendations for YA and my library actually has a LOT of them.  I got some good recommendations for TV at the IT Crowd panel.  Plus, there’s regular tv.  And we’re trying to catch up on Breaking Bad.  I’ve got a ton of shows on Netflix Instant to watch or give a shot:  Ten Inch Hero, The Riches, Lie to Me, Party Down, Doc Martin, Drop Dead Diva, Hotel Babylon, Primeval, Monarch of the Glen, Arrested Development, Top Gear, The Office (UK), Pulling, The Tudors, Monday Monday, Jekyl, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, and Enterprise.  Granted some of those I probably won’t like.  But I know I’m liking Ten Inch Hero, The Riches, Monarch of the Glen, and Primeval.  And I’ve watched the first season of The Tudors, but I’m going to give the second one a try.  Plus, I just ordered all 4 seasons of The IT Crowd on DVD that I want to rewatch.  Oh, and I’m watching all of New Doctor Who with Em.

Sad.  Sad and pathetic.


  1. Love Ten Inch Hero.

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