Posted by: wildflowerz | September 19, 2011

Now that I’ve lost everything to you. You say you wanna start something new. And it’s breakin’ my heart you’re leavin’. Baby, I’m grievin’.

Have I told you that I’m so ready for Chris to go back to work?  Yeah.  He’s been camped out in the bedroom and it’s gotten that kinda stale smell.  Plus I’ve had to sleep in the play room and it’s not comfortable.  Em’s out this week, so next week when Chris is back at work and Em’s back at school, I’m throwing open all the windows and CLEANING like whoa.

Em’s out of school this week.  Today, we went to the grocery store.  Then bowling, followed by lunch at Dairy Queen.  We’re home now, watching Shake It Up.  Again.  She finished the whole series and now we’re watching it again.  Ug.  Tomorrow we’re taking Chris to the doctor.  Wednesday I think we’re going to try and go out to lunch at the tea room.  Then, Thursday and Friday, we’ll go to the used book store and look for a Hogwarts cloak and possibly a frizzy wig for Halloween.  And we’re going to the park the other day.

I might be getting sick.  I’ve sneezed about a million times today.  My ear’s hurting a little bit.  My back is KILLING me though.

For tv, stuff’s ending and starting up now.  True Blood and Entourage are over for the season/series.  Eureka’s finale is tonight.  Weeds, I think, is over next week.  Last week The Secret Circle and Ringer started.  They were both alright, though nothing spectacular.  I can’t figure out why LJ Smith keeps getting shows made on her shitty book series.  I mean, TVD was WAY better than her books, so at least there’s that, but I can’t see how someone would read those books and think they should be made into a tv show.  Castle and HIMYM start back tonight.  2 Broke Girls starts tonight too.  I tried The New Girl last week.  It was okay.  I’m hoping it gets better.  Glee and The Biggest Loser start back tomorrow.  Wednesday starts Revenge.  The Big Bang Theory and Community start back Thursday and Person of Interest premieres.  Saturday, I think, is the last Doctor Who for a while.



  1. I’m with you on the Biggest Loser. I never lose any weight myself, but I’m always happy to watch others when they do.

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