Posted by: wildflowerz | September 21, 2011

You speak to me and in your words I hear a melody, but in the twilight it’s so hard to see what’s wrong for me. I can’t resist until you give the truth a little twist. As if you’re gonna get away with this. You’re not sorry. I can’t believe I fell for this.

Guess who went back to work today?  That’d be Chris.  I hope he’s doing well.  Em and I went to our local tea room for lunch today.  It was neat, but Em didn’t care for most of the stuff she got.  I wasn’t super into the stuff I had either, but it was really cute and all.  Afterwards, we went down to the mall.  I’d gotten coupons for Children’s Place, so we went to look.  She got a cute pair of sweatpants and a matching hoodie (blue, of course).  We also got her a super cute skirt and top at Crazy 8s.  Then we went to Claire’s.  Em got some dangly star earrings and these hipster glasses.  You can’t tell from the pic, but they’re blue…of course.

Hipster Emily – You’ve probably never heard of her….

We also, of course, had to check out the Disney Store.  We got a cool Ariel cup and a Tink thermos for her lunch.  We stopped for cookies on our way out and now we’re watching Doctor Who.  It’s the Ood…how odd.  🙂  This evening I think we’re doing Sidelines for dinner.  It’s a glamourous life we live…don’t hate.

I think tomorrow we’ll be going to the used book store and looking for a Halloween store to get Em a Gryffindor robe and hopefully scarf.  Maybe a frizzy wig if we can find one.  Friday we’ll probably be going to the park.

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