Posted by: wildflowerz | September 23, 2011

0118 999 881 999 119 725! 3!

Em’s been wearing those blue hipster glasses practically nonstop. She looks just adorable in them. XD

Yesterday we headed out to our favorite used book store. I’ve been having major problems finding anything on my list there for a while now. It was no different yesterday. I have a long list, about 100 or so books, that I look for. I did manage to pick up a giant stack of those cozy mysteries. Total brain candy, but fun. Em got a few books too, including the new Dork Diaries that she pleaded for. I figure if she put that much effort into wanting a book, she should probably have it. XD

After that, we drove around trying to find a Halloween store. Ended up at the same place as last year. Em got a Hermione robe and a witch hat. It didn’t bother her that it’s different than the movie witch hat. No luck finding a wig that would suit Hermione or a Gryffindor scarf. When we got home, I looked and ordered her the scarf. I found a wig, but it was godawful, so we decided that unless we stumble across one, she’ll just go with her natural hair. Too bad she didn’t wanna be Luna…there are always tons of long, blonde wigs…especially with the Rapunzel stuff.

Anyway, after that, we stopped by Steak & Starve for lunch on the way home. Then we headed to the used book store closer to home. I found one book in a series I’m reading and Em found a book or two. We went to Target to see their wigs (nada) and I let Em talk me into a cheapie costume for the dog. It’s a collar and wrist band with studs and a pink mohawk. XD We also got her a cool mask to decorate. After that, we stopped at Old Navy. I got Em 3 pairs of pants and a cute pair of grey boots. We stopped by BJs on the way home and it took way longer than we wanted it to because someone stole our cart while we went to get drinks. We finally made it home and we were POOPED.

Today we were going to the park, but it rained again last night, so I think it’s just going to be a day around the house. Chris’s sister is having a birthday party for her husband’s birthday, but she did it by FB invite (even though she almost never uses FB). The problem is that she didn’t invite me. I don’t mean that I’m not invited, just that she didn’t add me to the event. So I didn’t see it. So yesterday Chris goes on about how he was waiting for me to say something because I know our schedule and are we gonna go. And I have no clue what he’s talking about. So, TO ME, it’s last minute. We aren’t going. I looked at Chris’s invite and she didn’t invite her sister and her hubs either. Probably because she knew they couldn’t come already. But that would mean that we’d know her and her hubs and no one else.

All we’ve got planned for the weekend is Riverfest. It’s Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll probably go Sunday…give it a chance to dry out some more. Those fields it’s on are where Em did soccer last year and they’re super messy.


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