Posted by: wildflowerz | September 26, 2011

My mama told me when I was hatched, act like a superstar. Save your allowance, buy a bubble dress and someday you will go far.

I finally got both Chris AND Em out of the house.  /stretch  Yay!  Our house has needed a really good clean for a while and I’ve been itching to do it.  Today’s going to be devoted to laundry, grocery shopping, and catching up on the tv I’ve been behind.  Tomorrow, I’m throwing open all the windows and airing out the house while I dust, vacuum, mop, and just generally clean up our house.  I also hope to go through the bags of stuff I had for Goodwill and get out all the stuff I’ve put away that was Em’s for Chris’s sister.  Have I mentioned that she’s pregnant and they’re having a girl?  I can’t remember.  Anyway, I hope this will be a very productive week.

Speaking of trying to be productive, I’m gonna take the plunge again on Friday.  I’m gonna try Weight Watchers again.  Why yes, this will be my 5th or so time.  I have a friend in the neighborhood that’s doing Friday morning meetings.  I’m going to give those a shot, but I might end up changing to Saturdays if I don’t like the leader.  The Saturday leader is the same leader I had when I went the last time, so many years ago.  She was a great leader.  So, yeah.  My eating has gotten out of control lately.  And my exercise is non-existent.  The good thing is that it’s not resulted in much gain on the scales.  I’ve been within the same 2-3 lbs for months now.  Way back at the beginning of last summer when I did that Biggest Loser challenge, I lost about 25lbs.  After I stopped, I gained back about 15.  Though not a whole lot of effort, I lost 5 and have hovered there for ages.  So, the good news is that even though I’ve been eating crap, I’ve stayed about the same, weight-wise.  So, in theory, it should be easy (at least for a bit) to drop the weight.  Here’s hoping anyway!

Friday, the sun came out and Em wanted to go to the park.  So we went.  We were there all of 5 minutes before Em came to me with blood on her leg.  She scraped it somehow and didn’t even notice.  Of course, we had no bandaids or anything, so we had to head home.  Saturday, we went back to the park and she played for a while.

Sunday, we went to Riverfest.  It’s just this local arts & crafts fair they do every year near us.  It’s nothing special, but we go every year.  Em usually ends up with quite a few things.  This year, she got 4 hair bows, a hair flower, and two bottlecap necklaces.  She got an airbrush tattoo and got crazy hair.  You can’t see too well in the pic, but it’s half blue and half purple.

This week, we’ve got school pictures on Thursday and a soccer game that evening.  Saturday we’ve got another soccer game and Em’s first concert, Weird Al, in the evening.  Should be fun!


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