Posted by: wildflowerz | September 30, 2011

We were strangers, starting out on our journey. Never dreaming what we’d have to go through. Now here we are and I’m suddenly standing at the beginning with you.

So, I did it. I joined Weight Watchers this morning. (Yes, again. Shut up.)

I had a friend come with me, which was great.  It’s tons better to do something hard with a friend.  We’ve also made plans to walk in our neighborhood 4 days a week and it’s even in the mornings, which is tons better for me.

About the meeting:  The leader was super high energy, bordering on annoying.  She had this hand clapper thing that was hella loud and annoying.  Overall, I think I can tolerate her since the Friday meeting’s much better for me than the Saturday.   Plus, my friend doesn’t want to do Saturday.  Yeah.

About the plan:  The plan doesn’t seem to have changed a whole lot since I was last there.  When I last went, they were on the second iteration of the Flex and Core plans.  NOW, there’s not exactly a Core plan.  The differences I see now is that there’s 49 of the points you’ve got for a week to use in addition to your daily target.  I think when I was there last, it was 35.  Also, now the lowest daily points you can do is 29.  All fruits and most veg are 0 points.  I haven’t read the whole starter packet yet, but it looks like you can not track your points if you only eat from their list (the old Core program, it looks like).  There’s not really a water requirement any more (which is the only bad thing I’ve seen so far).  You’re supposed to have 6 servings of liquid a day.  As long as it’s non-alcoholic, it counts.  Oh, and now they’re using carbs in their equation to figure out the points value.  There’s no slider anymore.  You can figure the points by entering calories*, fat, fiber, and carbs in online, in the app, or in a separate calculator.

I did the Monthly Pass.  This was around the last time I did it.  It’s the cheapest option and is basically month-to-month.  They automatically charge your credit card every month and it makes meetings just over $9/week instead of the $13 if you pay every week.  It also gives you eTools for free.  And if you have eTools, you can use the WW app for the iPhone/iPod.  Technically, the app is free to d/l, but you’ve gotta have an eTools account to actually use it.  It doesn’t appear that you’ve got to be connected to use it (meaning my iPod can use it even when I’m not on wifi).  You can also buy 17 weeks at a time or you can just pay weekly.

After the meeting we went for breakfast and then to Target and BJs.  I got a new pedometer ($10 instead of the $23 they wanted at WW) and these fiber pill things.  Digressing:  I get this daily email from a magazine called All You.  Every day they send out an email of free samples and offers and such.  I pretty much try and get all of them.  One of them a while ago was a sample of Fiber Choice.  The sample I got was the Weight Management one.  The sample was two of the tablets.  They’re chewable and strawberry flavor.  The info with it said that it may cause gas and if it does, to have less.  So, I tried it early this week.  It SO made me not hungry.  It also SO gave me painful gas.  So, I checked it out at Target and it was under $10 for a 90 tablet bottle.  I figured I’d try just having one a day and see how that goes because it was really effective for curbing hungry.

I was going to start tracking tomorrow, but after I got home, I decided to go ahead and start today.  I’m not worrying overmuch about it, but I am putting it all down.  I figure the rest of the weekend I’m just going to try and stick to the points allowances and on Monday I’ll start trying to actually get the correct number of servings of fruits and veg, etc, etc.  Monday’s my grocery shopping day anyway.

Oh, the WW Healthy Weight Range for my height (5’4″) is 117-146.  117 is insane.  146, I think, might be doable.  My lowest weight (from the first time I did WW back in 2001) was 155.  I’m gonna divulge my weight below and I can’t believe I’m really gonna put it out for the public, but I’ve never really focused on the big picture as far as weight loss.  What happens is that the number is SO large that it’s extremely discouraging.  So, even though I’ve given you the final probable goal and I’m going to give you my weight, I’m not going to do the math for you because it’s not a number I want to focus on.  WW used to start you off with a 10% goal.  Now, on your weigh in sticker, there’s a 5% number and a 10% number and you can choose.  I’m choosing to work on the 5% goal for now.  So, here goes:

  • Current (Starting) Weight:  239.2
  • Daily Points Allowance:  35
  • 5% Target Loss:  12lbs
I think I’m going to do weekly recaps and I’ll include current weight, total lost, how close I am to my goal, how many activity points I earned (and whether I ate them), and how many of the weekly points allowance I used.  Of course, I’ll also update on other stuff, but that’s it for the list of facts.  I’ll probably talk about this stuff a lot at first, but I’m going to commit to a weekly recap only.  One thing that I don’t want to do (and have done in the past) is obsess over this stuff nonstop.
So there you go.  Wish me luck.
*ETA:  I was mistaken and didn’t pay enough attention in the orientation deal.  It’s not calories at all anymore.  It’s protein, carbs, fiber, and fat.  They don’t use the calories at all to figure the points, which I find curious and I plan on looking more into that.  


  1. GL with WW. I have never done it but I hope it goes well for you. Just some random thoughts. I love Fiber Choice pills. I never have BAD gas but I have found that more water helps whatever gas they did give me. And? The more consistent I am with taking them, the less its a problem. Also, you way less than me. I know its not really helping much but there you go.

  2. I’d never really heard of them much, but like I said, I’ll request anything from those free sample things. XD I’m been WAY too slack on drinking water, so maybe that will help. How many do you take? It says 2, but not to take more than 4. I did the 2 that the sample gave the other day, but I think I’ll try 1 next, but I’m going to wait until Monday to try them when I don’t have anything going on.

  3. I have all kinds of fiber supplements. I am possibly insane, but my body is all messed up. LOL! For the chewable tablets, I usually take 2 a day, but hardly ever at the same time. I have taken 4 a day when I was having… um, issues… but not too often. I think its definitely one of those things that you have to adjust to taking. I have been terrrrrible about water lately too. I am getting myself back on track this week for sure. I have been drinking a lot of diet drinks and they just wreck my stomach so they need to stop. I have also become totally, insanely addicted to orange juice. Its been going on for about a month now, and I gotta uh… slow down with that!

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