Posted by: wildflowerz | October 14, 2011

Mm ba ba de. Um bum ba de. Um bu bu bum da de .Pressure pushing down on me, pressing down on you no man ask for. Under pressure – that burns a building down, splits a family in two, puts people on streets.

Just got back from my Weight Watchers meeting.  We had another sub this week.  I liked her the best of the three we’ve seen so far.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 233.8
Weekly Loss: 0.2
Total Loss: 5.4
5% Target Loss: 12lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 35
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 10
Weekly Points Used: 1 (out of 49)

I’m not sure why I only lost .2 this week.  It HAS been a shitty week.  Yesterday I had the root canal and I felt so awful when I got home that I couldn’t eat.  I was hungry, but my mouth hurt like whoa.  So I had a yogurt and later a banana.  Still, that left me with 25 points to still eat going into dinner.  Dinner was…meh.  It was an oriental beef stir fry that was pretty bland.  It had tons of veg and I did brown rice with it, but it still was only 12 points!  I WAS still hungry after too, so I thought I’d do a pb sandwich…those are always good for a bunch of points.  But we were out of peanut butter!  So instead I had a 4pt Snackwell’s bar, a bagel with LC cheese, and a small pack of fruit gummies.  It wasn’t ideal, but I still stayed within my points all week and only ate 1 of my weekly points.  I did have the one day I went to Texas Roadhouse with the dad and had to guess on points, but there’s no way what I could could have been THAT bad.  So, overall, I’m not really sure why I only lost .2.  However, 5.4 in 2 weeks IS good, and I did lose, so I’ll just be happy with it and move on.

I hope to get more exercise in this week.  The tooth’s giving me a ton of problems this week.  And today I can’t fit it in unless I feel okay after my appointment.  I have to go back to the endodontist (sp??) for him to check my tooth.  Ug.



  1. I am so glad to be going to these meetings with you. Thank you! And 5.4 in two weeks is a great start! Don’t let this week’s less stellar number get you down. It’s the total that matters anyway.

    And you’ve entered a wrong number somewhere there. your starting weight and current weight thingy is off.

    • Thanks! That’s what happens when I try to quickly do math in my head! 😛

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