Posted by: wildflowerz | October 16, 2011

They got nothing on me anymore. They got nothing on you. I don’t care what they say anymore, all I want is the truth.

Ug.  Not feeling so well here.

Friday Em had a play date with her best friend after school.  Saturday morning she had a soccer game.  They won.  Only their second win of the season, but yay for them.  I’m not impressed with their coach at all.  He’s an older guy with no vested interest in the team.  He’s very grumpy with them during games.  This game, he didn’t stand on the field with them and didn’t even seem to be paying much attention.  He’s drilled the positions into them so well (which is good) that they’re quite literal and don’t move much from those positions.  So a lot of times on throw ins, there’s no one to throw to.  And he’s not paying attention, which doesn’t work too well.  Still, Em’s still doing great.  She’s getting in there more, getting her foot on the ball.

After the game, we did Sidelines.  Then we went to Target for Em to look for a reward for her good report card.  She got mostly Os in her main subjects.  She got one N (Needs Improvement) that’s still in handwriting.  So, she pics up on of those Liv doll heads.  It’s got a pink and blonde wig that you can take off the head and wear.  It’s cute.

Today we went to visit my mom.  They won’t let kids up at the rooms, so she came down to the lobby.  She’s looking much better.  She says the dialysis treatments are making her feel WAY better.  They’re going to decide tomorrow if they’re going to put in a permanent port for the treatments.  After the hospital, we went to O’Charley’s for lunch where we sat around forEVER waiting on Em to finish one teensy slider.  Hella annoying.  Now we’re at home.  Chris is asleep on the couch and Em’s in a fort, yelling at the dog because he won’t leave her alone.  My tummy isn’t feeling great.  And there we are.

Em’s got a field trip tomorrow to some pumpkin patch I’ve never heard of with her Girl Scout troop.  I have to go to the school at some point tomorrow to leave her car seat for that.  I think it’s supposed to be cold this week, but I hope I can get exercise in every day.  If not walking outside, then I’ll do a vid or Kinect game, I hope.

We’re also trying to organize another GGNO.  It’s a headache.  Trying to come up with a day we can all do something is next to impossible.  There are some promising looking movies coming out, so at least there’s that.  Last time, no one really cared about most of the movies at all.



  1. Sounds like my life. Hang in there.

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