Posted by: wildflowerz | October 17, 2011

Struggle after struggle – year after year. The atmosphere’s a fine blend of ice – I’m almost stone cold dead In a town called malice.

*Warning:  Whiny self-pity post to follow.  Read at your own risk.*

Nothing makes me feel worse than clothes shopping.  I feel horrible now.  Thank you retail.  I have no idea how, but somehow between last year and this year, all my pants have disappeared.  I have no idea what I wore last year, but whatever it was appears to have disappeared.

Now, you know me.  Stacy and Clinton would hate me.  Or love me for a project, I don’t know.  I don’t GO anywhere.  I never dress up.  I wear tee shirts and shorts or capris in the summer and tees shirts and jeans or yoga pants in the winter.  Currently I have one pair of jeans that I like a lot (Torrid).  I know I had another pair of jeans from Torrid but they got a giant hole in them and I had to throw them away.  But I’ve no idea what else I wore last year.  So, I thought I’d go out and look for some plain yoga pants.  Maybe black or dark grey.  Nothing fancy, just something to wear.  I also wanted to maybe find a cute, plain maxi skirt, but that was just a plus.

So after I dropped Em’s car seat off at school (for her Girl Scouts field trip) and picked up a book at the library, I went to Target.  I needed some flash cards for Em and they had some toys on sale I wanted to pick up for Christmas.  So I got all those and then went to look at the clothes.  Target NEVER had anything much in the way of Plus Size clothes.  Usually they’ve got some maternity stuff and a big rack of clearance crap where the plus size stuff is supposed to be.  They had one type of pants that would have been okay, but they were about a mile too long.  So I got my stuff and walked to Lane Bryant.  What the holy hell has happened to them?  Every time I go in there, the prices have gone up exponentially!  I LOATHE their jeans.  They never fit well at all.  They did have a super cute tiered maxi skirt, but it was $80.  $80.  Seriously.  I’m not paying $80 to effect a look that basically makes you look like a hobo.  They had a few pairs of pants that were what I was looking for, but not only were they 2 feet too long, but I’m not paying $50 for yoga pants.  Are you kidding me??  So, I walked over to Kohl’s.  I hate Kohl’s.  Their plus size clothes look terribly made and extremely frumpy.  They’re always “on sale” to make it look like you’re getting a deal when really if it’s on sale all the time, that’s not exactly honest is it?  They didn’t have anything but ugly dress pants and ugly jeans.  So, I walked back and tried stopping at Dress Barn because that was the only place left.  The name of that place sounds stupid, but I figured I might as well.  I don’t like most of their clothes either.  They all look like they’re for old ladies…terribly frumpy.  They didn’t have anything casual enough.

So the sum of all this is that I just felt like crying.  Grrrr.  I think I’ll go to the mall tomorrow and look at Torrid and the department stores.  If all else fails, I should be able to at the very least find some jeans at Torrid.  They had a cute maxi skirt online, so maybe they’ll have that in the store.

And since I’m complaining, I should get it all off my chest in one go, yeah?  The heel of my right foot’s been giving me problems for a few days now.  I still walked this morning with no problem, but it was definitely giving me problems this afternoon.  I went out to the grocery store in my Rocket Dogs, but had to change to my tennis shoes when I came back.  And what’s with this weather?  I was perfectly comfortable with sweat pants, a tee, and a hoodie at the bus stop and then walking, but wearing pants, tennis shoes, and a short sleeve tee shirt while I was shopping was so hot!  Grrr.  And I got two shit books at the library this past time.

Okay, that’s enough.  I’m stopping now.


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