Posted by: wildflowerz | October 26, 2011

Happiness, more or less. It’s just a change in me, something in my liberty. Oh, my, my happiness, coming and going I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing. I know just where I am.

Good Morning!  We did the follow-up treatment on Em last night for the lice.  We couldn’t find the same stuff we used last time, so I got Nix.  It only had to stay on her hair for 10 minutes, but it smelled about 100x worse.  Ew.  It also wouldn’t rinse out.  So Em was in and out of the shower three times last night.  I ended up doing her hair in little braids for her to sleep in because she’s loving the wavy hair look (and it’s easier when you’re combing through looking for lice and nits) and didn’t find anything at all.  One of the moms at the bus stop told me that you have to take them in to the nurse on the 7 day after thing to be checked too, but they never told us that at all, so I just sent her in.  I haven’t gotten any calls so I assume it’s fine.  They probably sent her to the nurse to be checked out again.  I haven’t seen anything since that first day here at home.  I just hope this crap’s over now.  /fingers crossed

I got my Old Navy order in the mail yesterday afternoon.  I ordered 5 pairs of pants and one skirt.  All the exact same size from the exact same store.  One pair of pants is WAY too tight on my stomach and thighs.  The skirt is weird, but cool.  It’s got two layers.  The under layer hugs the body, but not in an uncomfortable way.  The over layer is more floaty.  It fits fine and is my only “definitely keeping” item.  The other 4 pairs of pants fit everywhere else, but are all too long, but in varying degrees.  I’m going to see if I can hem them up, but I’m annoyed.  They’re all EXACTLY the same size.  I’m not keeping them all, though.  The skirt I got is dark grey.  I also had 2 pairs of grey pants in there, 2 pairs of black, and one pair of navy, long gaucho-type pants.  One of the black pairs is the too tight one, so that will go back.  I’ll keep probably the black and one of the grey.  I’m not sure about the navy.  We’ll see, I guess.

Yesterday was another one of those days where I had a hard time getting the points in.  For breakfast, I had apples, grapes, and a banana along with a yogurt (3pts).  I like the egg mug thing, but I’m getting tired of it and I’m REALLY getting tired of making it.  I need to find something else.  I found a recipe in one of the new WW cookbooks I got for Italian Eggs, so I might do that.  Anyway, for lunch, I had chili (7) with 2 tsp evoo (2) and 2 tbsp of rf sour cream (1).  I’d planned on eating leftover Brazilian chicken (7) with a salad (2) last night.  When it came time for dinner, I forgot the salad.  So I was left with still needing 15 points.  15.  That’s crazy.  So when Em came home, we each had a Twinkie (4).  After dinner, I had a peanut butter sandwich (8) and a WW Dulce de Leche ice cream bar (3).  That’s quite a bit of crap.  I need to plan better I guess.

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