Posted by: wildflowerz | November 17, 2011

Because the drugs never work, they gonna give you a smirk ’cause they got methods of keeping you clean. They gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds. Another cog in the murder machine.

Walk Time:  35:11.9
Route:  Down, Barbell, Up, Pool, Back & 2nd right cds, Down, Up

  • Kiss N Tell – Ke$ha
  • Somebody Told Me – The Killers
  • 1985 – Bowling for Soup
  • You Outta Know – Alanis Morissette
  • Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
  • Seven Deadly Sins – Flogging Molly
  • Uncle John’s Band – The Grateful Dead
  • The Clap – Infant Sorrow
  • 7 8 9 – Barenaked Ladies
  • Take a Chance on Me – Abba
  • All I Really Want – Alanis Morissette

Holy crap, it’s cold out.  Actually, the cold’s not too bad, but the wind made that walk miserable!  That and my foot.  It’s killing me.  So instead of doing my full walk, I abbreviated.  I’ve not had a great week in regards to exercise.  I walked Monday, but I skipped Tuesday.  Yesterday instead of doing the full hour I planned on, I only did half of it.  Same with today.  Ug, ug, ug.


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