Posted by: wildflowerz | November 17, 2011

Put me inside SSC. Let’s test superstring theory. Oh yoi yoi accelerate the protons, stir it twice and then just add me.

I love books.  Did you know?  Do I talk about it enough?  I’ve recently been on a mission to get Em to read some better stuff than what she’s into now.  I don’t want her to NOT read the fluffy stuff too, but I’d like her to read some stuff that’s a little better.  So, I found a bunch of recommendations on Amazon, made a list, and have been hitting the used book stores.  I counted my stash yesterday afternoon and I’ve got 19 books sitting upstairs to give her for Christmas.  And only one of them is of the fluff variety…and it’s a journal that’s from a book series she likes.  Yay!

I went book shopping with a friend yesterday and I found SO many of the ones on my list.  I found a few for me too.  I think I bought at least 12 books for less than $30.  Yay!  We also hit Trader Joe’s for some cool, weird stuff.  And we had lunch at this little hole in the wall place that was super yummy.

Em’s got her class play tonight that she’s super excited about.  And tomorrow I think she’s got a sleepover that she’s super excited about.  She’s so cute.  She’s still reading like crazy.  She finished a book this morning right when it was time to go to the bus and when I told her, she says, having picked up a new book, “Just one page?  You know, so it will get me started on this one.”  XD

Oh, speaking of books (and when do I not?), I reached my 200 book goal for the year.  I also had picked 10 books this year that I wanted to get in and I’ve got one of those left.  I’m currently in a lull in library books too.  There are some that I’m waiting to come in and I’ve finished the ones I’ve got.  I’ve got a big list of ones to read but I’m trying to hold back a bit so I can make a dent in my “to read” stuff that I own.

Well, I should be heading out the door for a walk soon and I’m solo today so expect a short post about that a little later.

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