Posted by: wildflowerz | December 1, 2011

Maybe we could talk ’bout things if you was made of wood and strings. While I love her every sound I dunno how to turn you down.

My parents came over on Saturday and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  It was yummy, imho. Dinner was nice.  The parents brought their dog and she kept sprinkling in the living room.  It’s not like I can blame it…our dumbass dog does it all the fucking time.  I hope to clean the carpet after Christmas, I guess.

Sunday we went to see Arthur Christmas.  It was a cute little movie.  I’m still annoyed that I had to watch a Justin Bieber video before I could see the movie though.  Bad move, Arthur Chistmas.  Bad move.

Em finished up the first Harry Potter book over break.  She had absolutely NO problem with it.  In fact, she thinks that she can read both of the next two over Christmas break.  I’m gonna encourage her to just do one and save the next for spring bring.  I mean, it’s Christmas break….she needs to have lots of fun too.  And I’ve gotten her a TON of books for Christmas.  So, there’s that.

She had Girl Scouts on Monday.  Late the night before her leader sent out a reminder about the meeting as well as a flyer for a parade this Saturday that their doing.  A parade that they need to wear an elf costume for.  A parade that we’d heard about from other GSs at least 2-3 weeks ago.  Have I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of this troop?  Grrr.  She’s actually not going to go.  There’s no way we can get an elf costume together and now Em’s got a birthday party anyway.  Of course, when I tell her leader, THAT’s when she says that the costume is optional.  Whatevs.

I’ve had an ongoing fight with the cupcakes this week.  I’ve had entirely too many this week.  Yesterday I finally dumped them in the trash.  On the plus side, I’ve racked up 28 activity points this week, so there’s that.

I watched a short-lived Brit tv show called FM this week.  It has Chris O’Dowd in it…who I adore.  I’ve also watched the first half of his mini-series, The Crimson Petal and the White.  It’s been so long, that I don’t remember much at all of the book.

Chris is home today and I’m watching a shitty movie.  Something frakked up with Monarch of the Glen on Netflix and it won’t let me watch it.  I tired watching The Biggest Loser online, but the sound’s frakked on that.  So, yeah…not a good day for tv stuffs.

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