Posted by: wildflowerz | December 7, 2011

Heart thumps and you jump. Comin’ down with goosebumps! You dared to go there. I’ma, I’ma get you so scared!

Goodness.  This has been a tough week.  All I’ve wanted to do was eat.  And eat.  And then eat some more.  Yesterday, I had candy.  I logged it and only went over 4 points for the day (of which I had weekly points available).  But ug.  I walked on Monday for only about 45 minutes, it was HARD to get through it!  And then, my foot was killing me the rest of the day.  I know, I should really go see a doctor.  So, part laziness and part to let my foot rest, I rested yesterday.  Probably not a good idea, but there it is.  Today I’m still sitting on the couch.  I’m watching The Biggest Loser.  Now, tell me:  If the whole point is to get people off their asses and exercising and stuff, why the hell do they make this show a whopping 2 hours long EVERY.  STINKING.  WEEK???  Anyway, I don’t have any need to go out today,  so I hope to walk after the show and then do a bunch of housework.

I went out Monday to Old Navy.  I needed a gift, as well as a top to wear when we go to the Nutcracker in a few weeks.  I found a super cute black and white small patterned shirt and a bright green sweater to go with it.  Perfect!  I also got a few stocking things and 2 pairs of jeans for Em.  After, I checked out Rack Room and Payless, but I couldn’t find anything affordable that was also comfy.  Then I went to check out Justice.  I’ve only been in there a few times.  I went in to get some small little girl play make up stuff and some jewelry for Em’s stocking.  Um, yeah.  Granted I didn’t look at everything, but why do they have a store for little girls fully of whore-wear?  Ug.  The only thing we’ve ever bought in there was a set of BFF mood bracelets for Em and her best friend.  Yeah, so the other stuff they had was way over-priced for what it was.  So I got nothing there.

Yesterday I went to Kirklands to find those mailbox covers.  They don’t have them.  Then I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a blender.  I ended up finding that and a few gifts too.  Then, it was on to Target.  My plan was to buy gifts for the nephew.  There’s a few problems with that.  His birthday was last month and a week or so before it, his mom sent out an email with his wish list.  Of course, she didn’t send it to me, so I only got it once Chris got around to sending it to me.  Yeah.  So, I used it to get his bday gifts.  Well, after we met with Chris’s fam for TG, I sent sister-in-law an email asking that, when they got back in town and she got a chance, to send me an updated list.  He had almost all Lego and Nerf stuff on his list and he got a ton of that for his birthday.  That was over a week and a half ago that I sent it and I still hadn’t heard from her.  Yes, I do things early.  But I also request info even earlier, so I feel like I give plenty of time.  So, I went to Target with the intention of just finding stuff that I thought he might like, without using the list.  I was so freaking lost.  I have a little girly girl.  Boy’s toys defeat me.  I ended up finding a game for him that looks cool and is actually on Em’s list.  Then I just gave up.  I went home, used his list from earlier and ordered a bunch of stuff, along with a book.  Oh well.  I’ll stick the receipt in there and his parents can worry about it.  I tried to pick cool stuff that I didn’t remember seeing at his bday party, but he got SO MUCH that it’s hard to remember it all.  Anyway, that’s the last of my shopping.  That order’s the only thing I have left that should be coming in the mail.  Everything I have is wrapped and under the tree.  I got Em a couple of craft things for her to work on for her friends that we’ll be doing soon.

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