Posted by: wildflowerz | December 24, 2011

This speech is my recital. I think it’s very vital to rock (a rhyme), that’s right (on time), It’s Tricky is the title, here we go…

Week: 12
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 222.0
Weekly Los: -2.2
Total Loss: 17.2
10% Target Loss: 23lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 30
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 21
Weekly Points Used: 16 (out of 49)

It just occurred to me that in this thing above, I should report the DPA I had last week and not what I’m doing this week.  Duh.  So, this week I’m going back to 33 since it’s Christmas and birthday week for me.

Today I’m very proud of myself.  I did the first day of the Couch to 5K!  So, I’m very out of shape and instead of running, I did a slow jog, but it was totally burning more calories.  So, here’s what I did:  I walked to warm up for 5 minutes starting at 2.5 and going up to 2.8.  Then I alternated jogging at 4.0 for 1 minute and walking at 3.0 for 1 1/2 minutes.  then to end, I walked at 2.5.  Yay me!  Since I had the fam here and the tv I wanted to watch wasn’t appropriate for all ages, I listened to music instead.  So here was the mix:

  • Party Starter – Will Smith
  • Beautiful Stranger – Madonna
  • Story of My Life – Social Distortion
  • Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
  • It’s Tricky – Run DMC
  • Pretty Fly – The Offspring
  • Gives You Hell – Glee Cast
  • Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
  • Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant

Yesterday we went for Xmas with Chris’s fam.  We all had a good time and I didn’t have any allergic reactions!  The best news of all is that Chris’s little sis and her hubs are pregnant!  They’ve been trying for a while and they’re very excited.  Yay!  So their little one will only be 6 or so months younger than his older sis’s little girl, who’s due in January.  How cool!  🙂

Em got an Easy Bake Oven and she meet teensy tiny red velvet cupcakes this morning.  She also got a Liv doll, a big Mario Kart track and tons of girly makeup stuff.  Chris and I both got Best Buy gift certificates and Chris also got the Disneyland game for the Kinect.

Today, other than the exercising, I’ve been baking.  We’ve made the mix for the sugar cookies and will probably bake them after lunch.  We also made muffins for breakfast tomorrow and a savory oyster cracker mix that I found on Pinterest.  We also made Eggnog Pound Cake that the inside tasted yum, but we burned the outside, so Chris is picking up some more stuff so I can try it again.  As soon as I finish this entry, I’m taking a much-needed shower.  Then we’ve just a few things to bake and to wait on the pizza.  We always do Xmas Eve pizza for dinner.  This is the first year we’re doing Marco’s, our new favorite pizza.  Well, they’re closing at 2:45, so that’s when we’ve got the have the pizza delivered!  Oh well.  It’s yummier re-heated than any other pizza is fresh, so yay. 🙂

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