Posted by: wildflowerz | January 7, 2012


It was supposed to be really easy.

Em noticed that my jeans had a hole in last night.  Today we’d planned on going to the mall to go ahead and get Em’s Build-A-Bear for her birthday since we’re going to be busy the next two weekends.  (We get her a BAB every year on her bday.)  So I figured I’d stop into Torrid and pick up another pair.  Not only that, but when I tell Chris the plan he’s all, “Buy 4 pairs!  You need more than 1 pair of jeans!”  Me, being more practical, setting for just 2 pair.  After all, I hope to not be in them much longer.

So, we get to the mall and get Em’s BAB.  We stop by the Disney store and get a gift for her best friend’s bday party next weekend.

Then we get to Torrid and I know Chris and Em will be bored to death, so I send them for ice cream while I try stuff on.  They have 4 different types of skinny jeans and one regular type.  I loathe skinny jeans and have never seen a fat person wear them where they look good.  I don’t particularly want to try them.  So, I get two pairs of the regular ones in two sizes, both petite.  I try on the smaller one first.  They’re SUPER stretchy and a little big in the waist.  So, yay ’cause I need a smaller size than I thought!  But the length?  Have I suddenly shrunk 3 inches?  Did all the short people in the world suddenly grow 3 inches?  Because those jeans were entirely too long. The pair that I’ve been wearing (and loving) are from Torrid and they’re petites and they’re the perfect length.  So, annoyed.  I go back and get a smaller size of the ones I tried on.  They fit great in the waist, but look awful on my thighs.  Ug.  I went ahead and tried the other pairs too.  Something called Curvy Skinny and plain Skinny.  Both looked awful and both were too long.  SO frustrating.

I need jeans.  So, while they were still eating, I figured I’d give Lane Bryant a shot.  I’ve always hated their jeans, but it’s been a few years, so I thought maybe they’d changed them some.  Well, the answer to that would be, “who the fuck knows?”  They had almost no jeans.  I had to search for pairs in my size.  I went with the size I had at Torrid and the next largest, both in Petite.  The bigger size was too tight and didn’t look great.  Those were in the square size.  I was also able to find a pair in the round size and those looked abysmal.  They didn’t have any in triangle.  God, I hate that store.

So.  I still don’t have jeans.  I guess I can wear black underwear with them and no one will be able to tell, huh?  Grr.  I suppose I’ll order some from Old Navy and see how that goes.  There’s no where else to get any.  I’ve looked at a few other places before and no one has ever had any that weren’t some godawful monstrosity with stuff like elastic in the waistband.  Ew.  I’d rather wear a sack.



  1. Sorry! I know that frustration. I love my LB jeans, but only because I still own like 8 pairs in 3 different sizes (which I am in the middle of atm, and they are all wearing thin!!). I will be screwed if I ever get beyond those. Did you happen to get measured at LB? Its been a while but the last time I was jeans shopping they measured me (I hate dealing with people but for this it was worth it!) and they told me what size/shape to get and they were right on. (I wear the triangle and I think that might be their most popular “shape” which means they never have more than 2 pairs in every size.) I wear their petite jeans so they may still be a little long on you. If they fit everywhere except the length, I would just buy them and then get them hemmed (or figure out how to do it). Have you checked Kohls? I almost bought a pair of jeans there before Christmas that were plain/not hideous (you know I won’t put elastic waist jeans on!!) but I was trying not to buy anything else in my current size and put them back. *hugs*

  2. Ever since they first started those shape sizes, I’ve loathed their jeans. The ones they say that are for me are too tight in the waist, or too big everywhere else. I’ve tried on all sizes for all shapes and none of them fit right. When I do convince myself they’re okay, I get them home and hate them. That was why I was so happy for Torrid. This is the second time I’ve gone there for jeans and I’ve worn them out each time.

    I didn’t get them to measure me. They didn’t even acknowledge me. The mall store sucks ass. It’s always like that there.

    I’ve only been in Kohl’s a handful of times and the plus size stuff has always looked like old lady stuff…or really cheap stuff…lots of elastic waists. If these ON jeans suck, I’ll check there, though. Grrrrrrrrr.

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