Posted by: wildflowerz | January 19, 2012

My hands, they’re strong, but my knees were far too weak to stand in your arms without falling to your feet.

Hi kids.  I’ve been such a slacker this week.  I’ve done NO exercise.  I have done more cleaning, so maybe that will help.  Yeah.  Anyway, I just wanted to own up to that.  I’ve TOTALLY been a slacker.  On the plus side, I tried two yummy recipes this week and I’ve got links to share with you. 🙂  I found them on Pinterest, so if you follow me there, you’ll have seen them.  Here they are:

The first is Garlic Chicken Stir Fry.  It’s really light and yum.  We had it on top of brown rice.  The second one is called Bubble Up Enchiladas.  This one, I just did the bare bones recipe without adding the corn or black beans and no green onions or sour cream.  When I do it again, I’ll probably add black beans and do green onions and sour cream.  It was a big hit.  Em said she thought it smelled yum when it was cooking and even said she liked it when she was eating it.  This is a big deal here.  She’s not adventurous in eating and even though I can usually get her to try new stuff, she almost never likes it.  I’ve never cooked much Mexican stuff at home, besides fajitas and such.  So I’d never used enchilada sauce.  THAT’s the yummy sauce that comes on chicken burritos in Mexican restaurants.  Probably most of you knew that, but I didn’t.  SO yummy.  So, there ya go.

Today bring mopping and vacuuming the stairs.  Fun, huh?  😛  Tomorrow I’ve got to do carpet cleaning.  More with the fun, huh?  I know you wish you were me.  😛  This afternoon Em and I have to make cupcakes for her class tomorrow.  We’re trying those Fundamiddle things.  Here’s hoping they work!

So, who of you has a Kindle.  An actual Kindle, not a Nook or whatever other devices there are.  Do you have problems with it?  I got one for Christmas.  I read 1 book on it and the next week it was well and truly borked.  It would restart and freeze all the time.  In the end, it froze on the restart tree screen and wouldn’t go any farther.  So they sent me a new one and I sent back the old one.  I’ve been reading the new Stephen King from the library, so it’s taken me a while to get back to the Kindle.  I was going to read the next Song of Fire and Ice book, but decided to do a fluffy book between the tomes of King and Martin.  I started it last night.  My Kindle reset at least 5 times while I was reading.  Just reading.  Not putting stuff into collections.  During that process, it did it a LOT.  Not only was it resetting last night, but when I went back into the book, it wouldn’t go to where I’d gotten to in reading.  It reset somewhere near the front.  I tried doing the Sync thing after it did it the first time, but that didn’t work.  Am I just having enormously bad luck or is the Kindle shit?  And if so, why didn’t I hear about this before I got one.  Arg.



  1. That is such a bummer. I have a Kindle, and I have read like… 5 entire books on it and never had a single problem (other than self caused problems like leaving it on and then finding it weeks later and being mad that the battery is dead). And I am so not easy on it. I have a bazillion free books on it that I am likely to never read but I just downloaded because I could. LOL Mine is an older one, so maybe something is messed up with these newer ones. Which do you have? I would go and read reviews posted since Christmas and see if anyone else is saying the same thing? The only thing I can think of is its trying to sync when you start reading (like my computer decides its time to do the virus scan whenever when I try to start WoW and then everything is all effed up and slow and pissmeoffy) and then doesn’t know what to do when its done. Can you turn the wireless off on yours? When I got mine I read a lot of things that said turning the wireless off makes the battery last longer (which I so never remember but STILL! ADVICE! lol) but it would also keep it from trying to do any other shit while you are reading.

    • I have the Touch with the ads (the $99 one). I get a ton of free books too! Do you “like” Pixel of Ink on FB? That’s how I find a lot of them. Most of them are probably shit, but they’re free. XD I hadn’t been doing the sync thing, but this is only my 2nd book reading on it. However, after it did it the first time last night, I synced it and then kept reading. When it did it again, when I went back into the book, it was at some random point in the beginning again. When I tried to sync it to where I’d gotten to, it said I was already at my farthest point. I do turn off the wireless now after having a problem with the first one, I was making any complaint I could think of when I contacted them, I was so annoyed and they reminded me about turning off wireless. Dur. I totally hadn’t thought of that. Yeah, I don’t know. I do have quite a few books that I d/l and had to convert using a 3rd party program so they’d be readable on the Kindle, so maybe that’s it? I dunno. If it keeps doing it, I guess I’ll delete all those books and see if it works better. Still, grrr!

  2. I just “liked” whatever that was. 🙂 I haven’t done the converting thing so MAYBE??? that is causing some issues? I will go stalk Amazon reviews later. The only problems I have had with synching issues, again, are all my own damn fault. You know, like reading on the kindle with the wireless off then getting all bitchy the next day when I try to read on my phone and it doesn’t magically know where I left off on the offline kindle. WTF, right? 🙂

  3. I’ve had mine since the first year they came out and heart it. No problems AT ALL ever, and I give mine hard use, both reading a lot and traveling with it. That said, my sister was looking at the touchscreen one for Christmas and decided against because it got bad reviews?? Don’t know what – can ask her if you want but it might just be salt in the wound 😦

    Sorry you are having sucky experience with it!!! 😦

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