Posted by: wildflowerz | January 23, 2012

So this ain’t the end. I saw you again today, had to turn my heart away. You smiled like the Sun, kisses for everyone and tales – it never fails!

Em’s party went pretty well.  She was a bit…overwrought.  Chris took her to World Thinking Day that morning while I finished up cleaning and decorating and stuff.  I didn’t have a whole lot to do, so it wasn’t bad at all.  They got home pretty early and she changed into her pretty party dress.  My parents and grandmother arrived about an hour before the party, so we had time to sit and visit for a while before everyone else showed up.  There weren’t nearly as many people here as in the past…party because none of Chris’s family could come.  I felt bad for Em, but I totally understand.  As it was, she was a bit discombobulated by the amount of kids there.  She kept getting upset, going into her bedroom and closing the door, and getting under the covers.  Evidently she hit a boy too.  No idea what happened there.  Chris got to be on kid duty, which I totally appreciated.  Her playroom wasn’t quite as much of a wreck as normal either.  Of course, there were still quite a few broken things and for some reason, one of the kids pulled all the covers and stuff off the daybed that’s in there.  NO idea what was  up with that.  I had a good time talking to the other moms.  I actually didn’t do too badly with food.  I did eat a giant slab of cake, but not too much of anything else.  I cut her cake into giant slabs for everyone.  That way, if they didn’t eat all their piece, THEY could throw it away instead of me having too much leftover.  It worked.  We had 3 giant slabs left, and one small weird piece.  All we have left now is the weird piece that Em will probably eat tonight.

After everyone left but her two sleepover friends, it was much quieter, but the girls were AMPED up.  They decided to play Disney Universe while I cleaned up.  They were SO loud and a bit cranky.  Not too bad with the cranky, but really loud.  It was so funny, though.  It looks like one girl plays video games with her dad.  She kept yelling, “Do you want a piece of me?” and “Boo ya!!”  over and over again.  It was hilarious.  The house wasn’t too terribly messed up either and it didn’t take long to clean up.  I still need to vacuum, but everything else is up and done.  Anyway, Em requested Wendy’s (again) for dinner, so Chris went and got that.  I then sent the girls up to our bedroom to watch Despicable Me and play with Barbies or Liv dolls or whatever.  They were REALLY quiet until the movie was over and they moved into her bedroom.  They were being so good, I let them do whatever until 9.  Then, I told them they had to put up all toys except stuffed animals and they could read and talk quietly until 10 when they had to go to bed.  Those girls have NO volume control.  /lol  Just after 10, they were still talking and I gave them their one and only warning.  At 10:30, they were still talking, so I went in and pulled one girl into the guest bedroom across the hall.  I went back 20 minutes later and all was silent.  They slept until about 7am the next morning.  I was actually up before them.  I made them breakfast and they played Disney Universe and then Liv dolls.

After her friends left, we all got ready and ended up going out to lunch at Ted’s for the slowest lunch ever.  Our waitress was a ditz and her approach to getting a better tip wasn’t to give better service, but to compliment my hair nonstop.  Um, huh?  Still, the food was good.  Em got a little upset at the stuffed bison head up on the wall and was almost to the point of tears.  She switched seats with me so she wasn’t staring at it and it got better.  🙂  After that, we went shoe shopping.  Em hasn’t had new athletic shoes in ages.  Her feet are evidently growing very slowly or something and she had 4 pairs of different athletic shoes, so none of them were looking TOO beat up.  So, we went to Off Broadway.  She got a super cute pair of light up Sketchers (Chuck style, but with lots of graffiti) that are slip ons, but have partial laces…that seem to be optional.  They’re a bit odd that way, but whatever.  She also got these super cute pair of light running shoes.  They’re Sketchers too, I think.  They’re grey and have pink accents, but have some thin rainbow lines on either side.  They’re REALLY cute on her.  She also got some cute black ballet flats that are adorable.  We came home and cleared out her shoes and she got rid of most of all she had there!  Now she’s got 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of athletic shoes, 2 pairs of black dressy shoes, and about 5 pairs of flip flops for summer.

Anyway, after shoe shopping, we went to Toys R Us.  I loathe them.  Em had a $10 gc from Santa she wanted to spend.  She ended up getting a pack of Liv outfits…the only ones they had.  How can Target have more toys in their small space than TRU has?  Because they do.  She also wanted to get a DS game.  For Em’s good report cards, we let her go pick out a cool toy as a reward.  We encouraged her to wait until after her bday to get it ’cause, gifts!  She didn’t want to wait anymore since we were out, so that’s what we did.  Anyway, she wanted this Monster High DS game, but at TRU all the games are locked up and you can’t look at them.  Of course, you also can’t find anyone to help you and if they did, they stand around staring at you while you look at the games, so blah.  We went to Best Buy instead.  The MH game looked like you don’t really do a whole lot, so we encouraged her to keep looking.  She ended up getting a marginally better game for the DS…some Barbie thing.  I even tried to get her to get the Kinect Sports 2 that she REALLY wanted before Cmas, but she was set on a DS game.  Oh well.  After shopping, we came home and I organized a bit while Chris napped.

Our GS cookie sale ends today.  I’m NOT sad to see this go.  I just talked to our cookie mom, one of Em’s best friend’s moms, and her girls aren’t up to their goal either, so I don’t feel as bad.  When I enter our’s, Em will be at 64.  The goal was 75.  Meh.  I’ll try and make sure she gets to do the booth sales a bit.  Really, though?  I didn’t sign Em up for GS, so she’d bet set for a future in retail or door-to-door sales.  I wanted her to learn about different cultures and do lots of different things.  I wanted her to work on being a better friend and helping her community.  So far she’s done a small bit of that, but she hasn’t done a lot overall.  It’s half way through the year and she hasn’t earned a single badge.  At this rate, she’ll finish the year with the 1 badge for cookie sales she’ll get.  Blah.  Next year she’s agreed to try gymnastics.

I had some more to say, but I’ve droned on long enough and I’ve got stuff to do, so later, I guess.  I know this is all highly interesting to the 2-3 people who read it. 😛


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