Posted by: wildflowerz | January 26, 2012

If you’re coming with me you need nerves of steel. ‘Cause I take corners on two wheels. It’s a never-ending circus ride. The faint of heart need not apply.

I’ve sucked at getting exercise in, but when I do, I make it count.  I did Week One again today, plus an extra 33 minutes of walking for a total of 8 Activity Points.  The playlist:

  • Goodbye Early – Dixie Chicks
  • Spoon – Cibo Matto
  • Into the Grove – Madonna
  • White Trash Wedding – Dixie Chicks
  • I Don’t Like the Drugs – Marilyn Manson
  • Dancing Queen – Abba
  • 1985 – Bowling for Soup
  • Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
  • Maneater – Nelly Furtado
  • Mi Vida Loca – Pam Tillis
  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself – Georgia Satellites
  • No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
  • A Man’s Gotta Do – Neal Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, & Nathan Fillion
  • My First Kiss – 3OH!3
  • Leave Me Alone – Pink
  • Bye Bye – Jo Dee Messina
  • Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet

A Man’s Gotta Do didn’t work so well, so I’m taking that one off.  The rest were okay.  Some were a little slow, but they happened when I was walking mostly, so it wasn’t bad.

In other news, I’ve gotten better with the food.  It helps that the cake is all gone.  But I’m still not doing great.  I’m on my way to using most of my weekly points this week.  Today’s the last day, so probably not ALL of them, but definitely most.  I also started my period on Tuesday and I felt SO BAD yesterday.  I couldn’t make myself exercise.  Feeling a bit better this morning, so I hopped on the treadmill.  Mostly I just want to finish this week as strongly as I can (you know, not give up) and make next week a better one.  (Keep in mind that I mean tomorrow as the start of the new week. 🙂

I’ve had some really sucky books lately.  So sucky, that I feel I should warn you about them.  First, the least sucky.  When the Pretty Little Liars tv show was coming out, I heard it was based on a YA book series.  You know how I love the teen melodrama, so I was on board for both.  The book series is up to number 10.  I’m not going to spoil you, should you want to read, but there’s a conclusion at the ends of both books 4 and 8 where they could have ended the series perfectly satisfactorily.  But they kept going on.  And yeah, the 2nd 4 were cool because you thought it’d be done, but BAM there’s more to it than that.  But after 8, it should have been over.  It’s meandering badly.  And while the tv show does borrow some stuff from the books (and started out identical), they’ve mixed things up so much that you really aren’t sure what’s going to happen at all.  The first A in the books isn’t showing up much in the tv show so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be them.  And if you watch the tv show, the whole stuff with Ally having an A before she died didn’t happen in the books.

Anyway, I’ve also been reading this other YA series about vampires called the House of Night.  The premise was fun (vampire finishing school) but after about book 4 or so (they’re on 9 now), it’s gone so off the rails it isn’t even funny.  I couldn’t finish the last book and I’m not going to read it any more.  That brings me to the one I just started and gave up on after about 75 pages yesterday:  The new Philippa Gregory.  I LOVED her Henry VIII Wives books.  LOVED them.  This new Cousin’s War series has been shit.  I did read both The Red Queen and The White Queen and they were okay, but not good.  I didn’t even know she had a new one out until I saw it at Target the other day.  Evidently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know because I was only the second person to put it on hold at the library.  Ug.  It was just awful and I could care less.  So I gave up and now I’m reading A Clash of Kings and it’s SO MUCH BETTER!  I was going to wait and read it after the season of GoT, but I couldn’t wait.  So good!  I have the actual books, but I loaned them to a friend because I intended to read it on the Kindle anyways.  Yay books!


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