Posted by: wildflowerz | January 27, 2012

I wont be the lonely one, sitting on my own and sad. A fifty year old, reminiscing what I had. I wont be the lonely one, sitting on my own and sad. Forget your dad, he’s gone.

Week: 17
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 218.0
Weekly Loss: 0.6
Total Loss: 21.2
10% Target Loss: 23lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 32
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 15
Weekly Points Used: 26 (out of 49)

Well, I sure didn’t expect that.  I had such an awful week all around. There was the period and the candy and only 2 days of exercise.  But here’s what I’m thinking.  If I can lose 0.6 in a week like THIS, imagine what I could do if I really put my mind to it?  It’s also nice to know that I can have an off week, but still not totally bomb it and still manage to lose weight.  So yay. 🙂

Chris’s sister should be going into the hospital…either last night or tonight.  I totally blanked and can’t remember.  Anyway, she’s going to be induced, so Em should have a new cousin very soon!  🙂  I think we’re also going to go visit Chris’s mom this weekend.  She just had surgery, so we’re gonna go see her and check out a store near them that I want to see.  It’s this place called Sparkle.  They’re a home-made jewelry store and were at Dragon*Con with LOADS of geektastic stuff.  I hope they have some awesome stuff in their store.

Ooh, Em got to her 200 AR points today!  I’m so proud!  Now, she says she wants to be the highest AR earner in 2nd grade.  My little overachiever.  She probably has a good chance of it too.  The girl who was number 1 last year is in her class and Em said she was around 150 or so right now.  So if Em keeps it up, she’s got a good shot.  🙂


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