Posted by: wildflowerz | February 2, 2012

Someday you might find your hero. Some say you might lose your mind. I’m keeping my head down now for the summer. I’m outta my mind, let me pull the other. I’m gonna take that tiger outside for a ride.

So I took all your comments and opinions on my last query about a Vday gift for Chris (she says sarcastically) and I got him a Keurig.  I got the mini one and BB&B has those 20% off coupons all the time, so I did that.  They don’t have a time limit on returns, so if he doesn’t like it, I can always take it back.

It’s been a tough week for me.  I expect a gain at WW tomorrow.  All I’ve wanted to do was to eat all week.  I even pulled out those fiber pill things yesterday.  Last time I tried them, they gave me horrible gas, nausea, and stomach pains.  I’d heard from a friend that drinking lots of water with them relieves that.  Evidently it relieves it so much that it renders them useless.  Because other than just a bit of gas, I couldn’t tell that I had them and they certainly didn’t curb my hunger at ALL.  So, I dunno.  Anyway, I’m not sure how to beat this seemingly extreme hunger.  I don’t like to plan out my food to the last detail.  I prefer to plan out dinners for the week, but not which day I’ll make them.  I like to have things available for lunch, but not decide exactly when I’ll have them.  Maybe it’s time for a more rigid approach?

I skipped exercise Monday.  I can’t remember why.  But I did Week 2 of the Couch to 5K on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Then I walked for 30 or more minutes after the 30 for the program.  Yesterday I did 2 of the beginner 20 minute Zumba sessions.  In 3 days I’ve earned 26 activity points.

What else is new?  Chris’s sister had her baby.  No one called us, so when we hadn’t heard by the time Chris came home for the day on Friday, he called to find out.  She’s a cutie and we plan to go see them this weekend.  Last weekend we went to see Chris’s parents.  Before we stopped at this cute little place called Sparkle on the square in Lawrenceville.  They make cutesy jewelry.  They were at Dragon*Con last year with tons of genre stuff.  They had very little of that in their shop though.  While I understand why, I was still disappointed.  I did pick up some cute Tardis earrings and an octopus necklace.  Em got a cute green/blue ring and a big pendant on a chain.  Chris got a pair of earrings for his mom.  After we saw his parents, we went to Discover Mills.  We wanted to go to the Lego store and I’d thought the American Girl store was there too, but I guess it’s at MoG.  (ETA:  Evidently I was twice wrong and it’s at North Point.  No idea why I thought it was over in Gwinnett!)  We went home after that.  Sunday we went out to lunch in our local town square and then wandered around the shops.  While we’ve become fans of most of the restaurants down there, the shops left something be desired.  The ones that were open, anyway.  Most of them were closed.  The few that were opened appeared to be junk shops.  There was a store that I’d thought was a comic shop, but it turned out that while it has a lot of action figures, there are no comics to be had.  There was one store with promise.  It had a bunch of hippie-dippy tie-dye and bright colored painted stuff everywhere.  It wasn’t particularly to my taste for stuff to own, but it was a really cool shop that I liked looking in.  Oh well.  🙂


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