Posted by: wildflowerz | February 6, 2012

A broken heart is still beating, in and out of time. Hold your body next to mine, y’know, y’know. But you can’t stop the bleeding. Sing to yourself and hold on.

I loathe going to the dentist.  I had to go today for a cleaning and I haven’t been, other than for emergencies, in ages and ages.  So, I thought this was going to be horrible and I’d get to hear how much money it was gonna take to fix me.  Imagine my surprise when he found almost nothing.  My back right bottom tooth had an RC on it ages ago and it popped off and I never got it fixed.  It’s fine, but I need to get the remains of the tooth pulled out at some point.  But it’s not urgent or anything.  Yay!  I was so dreading going.  My stomach was in knots all morning and I was really dreading it.

I know I’ve talked about how lax Em’s Girl Scout leaders are.  You know, how we never get much advance notice?  Well, since Christmas break, it’s been much better.  Until today.  She had a field trip two weeks ago instead of her regular meeting, so today should have been the next meeting, but we hadn’t heard anything at all about it, so I sent her on to school.  You can guess where this is going, can’t you?  At 9:45 this morning, her leader emails to tell us that there’s a meeting today.  Her meetings are right after school.  So when she has them, she goes to the meeting instead of getting on the bus and coming home.  When she has a meeting, I had to write a note for her teacher and pack her GS folder (with her dues) and her vest.  So today I had to go around lunch time to take her stuff and change her afternoon transportation plans.  Just when I was starting to feel a bit better about GS…

I felt so crappy this morning that I skipped exercising.  I shouldn’t have, but my stomach was killing me.  Tomorrow I should be starting week 3 of the Couch to 5K.  I got The Biggest Loser Kinect game in the mail today, so I hope to give that a shot on Wednesday.


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