Posted by: wildflowerz | February 10, 2012

Let your body go as you listen. Let it flow through your system. It’ll take control of your mind and make you move your behind.

Week: 19
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 217.2
Weekly Change: -0.8
Total Loss: 22.0
10% Target Loss: 23lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 31
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 26
Weekly Points Used: 16 (out of 49)

Yay, I lost!  I hope to bang out that last pound for my 10% this week.  I’m going to avoid The Biggest Loser workout and hopefully I won’t be sore, so that might help some.  My legs are still killing me from Wednesday!  Anyway, this week was much better.  I’ve been hungry a lot, especially right after dinner.  I should probably work on switching stuff around so that doesn’t happen.

Tomorrow we’re going to the ballet.  Then tomorrow evening, Em and Chris have the totally creepy Father/Daughter dance with Girl Scouts.  Seriously.  It’s a masquerade.  And it’s called “My and My Guy” dance.  Creeptastic.  Sunday evening I think we’re going out for hibachi for Valentine’s Day.  Very exciting, huh?  😛  Not a lot else is going on right now.

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