Posted by: wildflowerz | February 14, 2012

Get on the floor like I said before. Y’all remember that down low. Just put a little dip with it. Now put those hips with it.

You know, those people who bitch about Valentine’s Day are WAY more annoying that all the actual Valentine’s Day stuff and sentiments?  Jeez.  Don’t like it, don’t celebrate it.  Both you and the rest of the world would be a lot happier if you’d just stop complaining about it.

Heh, and here I am bitching about the people who are bitching about it.  So, how exponentially more annoying am I?  Don’t answer that.

Still haven’t heard from Em’s soccer coach.  I emailed the soccer association and they gave me the coach’s name and said he’d be contacting everyone last night or today.  The name isn’t the same coach she had the first half.  So I hope it’s just a new coach and not that her old team was dissolved.  If it’s the latter, she might not be on the same team with her best friend anymore.

Em’s teacher’s still weird.  She won’t ever respond to a question directly from me.  I ask her something and she’s either got to send an email to the entire group or put the information into their newsletter.  It’s just odd.  It happens a lot.  She almost never answers me directly.  I found out at the dentist, that I’m not the only one she’s weird with.  And I’ve heard through a friend that I’m not the only mom this year that’s not particularly happy.  Again, it’s nothing big, but it’s just a lot of little weird things.

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