Posted by: wildflowerz | February 20, 2012

Secrets that you just can’t keep. Promises that you made me. You twisted it to suit yourself but now I know, I know, I know.

Whew!  Shopping tires me out…and this was just a trip to Target!

Saturday we drove over to visit Chris’s parents and drop off their GS cookies.  Not long after we arrived, Chris’s sister and her husband came over so we all had a nice visit.  I decided to wear those new jeans I got on Friday.  They’re a bit tight when I sit down, but every other pair of plus size jeans I’ve bought for the past 10 years has spandex in them and they stretch out after wearing them for an hour.  Not these.  Still, it was just going to be 2  1.5 hour car rides and a short visit.  Except Chris decided we should go to Dave & Busters on the way home instead of going on Sunday morning like I suggested.  See, Saturday around 3pm is OMGCROWDED with families and kids.  But if we go with the rest of the heathens on Sunday morning while everyone else is at church, it’s much better.  Did I mention I don’t do well in crowds?  Still, we went and I survived, but gah did I not feel well in those stupid pants.  Still, we had a good time.  Mostly Em played the games, but I stepped in on the Cyclone.  You know this one?  It’s a round game with three stations and the light travels around the circle and if you make it stop at a certain spot, you get the jackpot, which raises with each play.  I’m a master at this game.  If I could make a living out of it, I’d be set.  Sadly, there’s no call for Cyclone masters, so I’m still out of luck.  We only played a few times, but I got the Jackpot twice.  Em got it once, so I can see my protege coming up. XD  Em spent the tickets on a Cinderella lamp.  We ate dinner there (surprisingly yummy veggie burger) and then went home.

Sunday we mostly stayed around the house.  At lunch, we went to Shane’s and then up to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for Chris to look at the KCup selection.  He got two packs and we came back home.  Later that evening, a friend dropped by for her GS cookies and now our cookie obligation is officially over.  We’ve paid for them and they’re all delivered.  Yay!

Today Em and I went to the grocery store and then to Target.  She had a GC to spend from her bday and she picked out a Laguna (Lagoona?) Blue doll (Monster High) and a small Lego Friends set.  I can see that we’ll be working on getting all the Lego Friends sets for the next several gift-getting occasions for her.  She adores them.  We were also able to find a travel mug that will fit in the mini-Keurig so Chris doesn’t have to brew into measuring cups and then pour, so that’s nice.  I got Em a cute bathing suit and a scarf.  Can you tell me why the bathing suits have been out at Target since after Christmas?  It doesn’t make sense to me, but we got her one anyways. It was cute and not expensive.  The rest we’ll wait until closer to time for the pool to open and we’ve tried out her old suits to see what still fits.

We were going to pick up Despereaux, but they didn’t have it.  Em’s reading it right now for AR and LOVES it.  We’ll probably look for some more by the author tomorrow when we go to the used book store.  We plan on doing that, having lunch out, and then going to Trader Joe’s.  Then her first soccer practice of the season is that evening.  Wednesday we’ll probably hit Chili’s.  I found a free kid’s meal coupon for there for Tuesday or Thursday, so we’ll do that and then probably go see Arrietty (sp?).  Then we’ll probably hit the park either Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather.  Yay for lazy vacation days!

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