Posted by: wildflowerz | February 28, 2012

Oh, Cecilia, close your eyes and I will be with ya. I’m in the song that’s rising over ya. Close your eyes and drift away, just the two of us broke up all the rules they made for us. Play a simple game of genius if you live to fight another day.

Mom, Em, and I went out to Kohl’s, Ulta, and Target on Sunday.  Em made out.  I got her two outfits at Kohl’s and my mom got her an outfit and a skirt.  At Target, she got 2 Liv dolls and a scarf!  No, we don’t spoil her at all.  /sigh

Chris and I talked about getting some Ikea stuff for the library.  While we were out shopping, he put together shelf I mentioned in my last post.  We’re thinking of putting two of those under the long wall of bookshelves in the library.  Then, we’ll move the desk to the other wall with the shelves.  Then possibly we’ll get another one of those bookshelves, but stand it on end the tall way and get the desk attachment.  Then we can use our current, super-long desk as an art area for Em.  Right now, we’ve got a big mish-mash of shelves and stuff and none of it matches or goes.  If we get the stuff we talked about, we could take all the rest out of there and it would look MUCH better.

Em had a field trip yesterday with Girl Scouts.  I’m not sure what’s up with them.  It’s like they do stuff just to be annoying.  The normal carpool for the school is in the front.  They’ve got a covered area in back with a parking lot where they do the school carpool if it’s raining.  That’s where we’ve ALWAYS picked up the girls from their Girl Scout meetings, even if they had a field trip.  So, I’m back there, talking to one of Em’s friends moms for 20 minutes and they don’t show up.  Finally, they call the other mom to let us know that they’re up front.  Um, what?  Gah, her group is so annoying.  I’m looking forward to losing GS at the end of the year.

Soccer practice today, hopefully.  Right now, it looks decent outside, but the forecast is for rain starting around 1 and going until Friday.  Ug.  I hope she gets to go…she’s looking forward to it a lot.  I’m not sure that carpool’s gonna happen.  There are four of us right in our little section of the neighborhood and all on the same team.  Except one mom had 3 of her 4 kids in soccer and got the bad luck to have them all on the same day, so she can’t do carpool.  Another mom works M-W so she can’t do it since it’s on Tuesday.  The remaining mom and I were going to trade back and forth, but even though she was at last week’s practice, she wants to come to this one to meet the coach.  Seriously, I’m totally fine with not doing carpool and going to ever practice.  I honestly don’t mind at all, especially when I’ve got other moms to talk to or a book to read.  I just don’t like the uncertainty.  I’m like that with everything though.  I can do whatever, I just don’t like things being up in the air until the last minute or not knowing exactly what’s going to happen.  I suppose that always happens when you’re dealing with other people, though. Oh well.  I’ll get over it.  I’m just being stupid.

Diet-wise, I’m doing better.  I did 2 days of the Couch-to-5k this week, but I’ve been slack the other days (like today).  I’ve still felt snacky, but there’s not a lot stuff to snack on that’s all that bad so I’ve been alright.  I just hope to keep it together.


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