Posted by: wildflowerz | March 6, 2012

Lost in a dream. Don’t know which way to go. If you are all that you seem, then baby I’m moving way too slow.

So.  I had a slight setback yesterday.  I felt really crappy.  I had an upset stomach and I wrenched my neck yesterday morning.  So, I bet you can guess it.  I skipped exercising.  However, my goal was to do it 3 times this week and since I have to skip a day between for the Couch to 5k, as long as I ran today and Thursday, I’d be good.  So I did it this morning.  That just leaves Thursday.  /fingers crossed

Our dryer stopped working yesterday.  I did a load in the morning and got it out and thought it was just a bit damp.  But when I started folding it, I realized they were really not dry.  So I set it aside to dry some more.  I’d put the second load in the dryer at 2pm and at 5:30, the dryer was still going.  It always takes a long time to dry, but I didn’t realize until then that it had been going so long!  When I opened it up, the clothes weren’t even warm.  So a guy’s coming today to check it out.  /sigh

Em’s got soccer practice today.  Her friend’s mom’s supposed to be taking them, but I don’t know for certain.  I didn’t realize until the other day that Em doesn’t have school next Thursday and Friday.  Furlough days.

I really have to stop looking at food on Pinterest.  It makes me SO hungry!


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