Posted by: wildflowerz | March 9, 2012

Cold is the water, it freezes your already cold mind. Already cold, cold mind. And death is at your doorstep and it will steal your innocence, but it will not steal your substance.

Week: 23
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 214.4
Weekly Change: -1.2
Total Loss: 24.8
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 29
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 15
Weekly Points Used: 28 (out of 49)

Yay me!  I’ve really close to having a total of 25lbs down!  I started out doing well with the exercise thing.  But then I got sick.  Excuse?  Maybe, but I REALLY feel bad, so I’m not feeling too very disappointed that I neglected to exercise yesterday.  I think I have a cold, though it could be allergies.  I’m super stuffed up and my throat is itchy.  I’m having an awful time sleeping too.  I got some different meds after I got back from WW today, so maybe that will help.

My Fitbit came in the mail today.  How exciting.  It took maybe 5 minutes to set up and I’m off.  I figure for this week I’ll just see how the numbers go and then I’ll start making goals and such.  It looks like they’ve added some stuff since I used it last too, so it will be fun figuring it all out.

Em’s having a play date here this afternoon and then going over to the girl’s house to spend the night tonight.  Chris and I were going to go see John Carter and not eat Wendy’s.  I hope I feel well enough for that.  Gah, being sick sucks.  Anyway, Saturday Em’s got a soccer game and Sunday we’ve got a bday party.


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