Posted by: wildflowerz | March 12, 2012

There goes the baker with his tray like always…the same old bread and rolls to sell.

Good morning peoples.  We had a decent weekend here, though I’m still sick.  I think I’m better, though.  My handy dandy Fitbit tells me that my sleep’s been 95% efficient these past few nights and I can definitely tell it’s gotten better from the first two nights I was sick.  Though I felt like last night regressed.  I couldn’t stop coughing.

So Friday Em had her play date here with her two best friends.  Then I took them home and left Em at one of her friend’s houses where they had oodles of fun and were no trouble at all for the mom. 🙂  I still felt like ass and John Carter wasn’t getting great reviews, so Chris and I stayed in and watched Margin Call.  It was alright.

I picked Em up the next morning and we went home and got ready and drove forever to her soccer game.  For some reason, this season, we’ve added three teams into the schedule who are from an area 30 minutes north of us.  No idea why since we already had 9 teams.  Maybe we’re helping them out ’cause they didn’t have enough teams?  Anyway, 2 of our games are all the way up there.  The area for their sports isn’t bad, but the parking’s horrible and very muddy.  So it was the girl’s first game of the season and they were good!  They won, 5-3.  They did really well at playing their positions and not running in a clump like they’re want to do.  Em’s friend that hasn’t played since she was 4 or so did REALLY good too, especially as goalie.  After the game, we went with her best friend’s family and had a nice lunch.  Later we came home and watched Despicable Me.

Sunday all we had planned was a birthday party down the street and it wasn’t until 2, so we got to all sleep in and be really lazy.  🙂  We went to the party and had a good time, but I was still sick, so I felt like my head was in a bubble, which wasn’t nice.  But still.  Em had a good time.  We came back and watched Beauty and the Beast.  🙂  And since I was sick and have frog voice (which is only marginally worse than my normal singing voice), I didn’t annoy Em and sing all the songs.  Belle’s totally my favorite princess. 🙂

Today, Em was super grumpy.  After breakfast, she laid down on the love seat and tried to sleep until it was time to go.  She never does that.  She’s got a longer day today too since she’s got Girl Scouts after school, so I dread this evening.  Chris is home right now, messing up my morning, ’cause he has a doctor’s appointment later.  😛

Ooh, I finished the 3rd Song of Fire and Ice book Saturday night.  TOTALLY my favorite of the series so far.  There was TONS of stuff that I didn’t expect to happen AT ALL.  The only thing I didn’t care for was the thing in the epilogue, but we’ll see how that turns out.  I’m borrowing back the 4th book from a friend.  Somehow, I have books 1, 2, 3, & 5 on my Kindle, but I don’t have 4.  I could just buy it, but my Kindle’s being a giant pain in the ass, so I figure since I actually own a hard copy, I should just read that.

Ooh, in other reading news, Robin Hobb’s coming to Dragon*Con.  I hope to get some more of her stuff read before then too.  I’ve got a few library books right now, but I’m thinking I’ll hold off on library stuff after I read those and concentrate on some of these epics I’ve got at home to read.

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