Posted by: wildflowerz | March 18, 2012

Pregnant women are smug. Everyone knows it, nobody says it, because they’re pregnant. This zen world you’re enjoying makes you really annoying.

It’s been an excellent weekend, I must say!  I woke up Saturday around 7 to the sound of pouring rain.  We were quite uncertain about whether the soccer game would be held, but it hadn’t been canceled by when it was time to leave, so we headed out.  Her game was at 10:30am, but since they missed practice this week, they were supposed to be there by 9:45.  Evidently, we were the only ones besides the coach that followed that.  So Em and the coach’s daughter practiced for about 30 minutes before the rest of the team finally showed up.  Turns out that even though it rained rather hard, the field was perfectly fine.  This was at our new soccer complex and they haven’t quite finished all the landscaping.  The hill TO the field was seriously muddy and slippery.  It turned out to be quite a warm morning and I was wishing I’d worn shorts!

The game started off on a bit of a bad note.  The team we played has a ringer girl who scores a LOT.  When we played the team the first half of the year, the same thing happened.  We had a girl like that later in the fall season, but she was moved to Academy because she was so good.  Not sure why this girl was still on the team.  Anyway, she scored about 4 in a row right in the first 10 or so minutes!  Thankfully, the girls rallied and they ended the game at a tie 8-8!  One little girl who’s never scored and is about on the same play level as Em scored and you should have seen her!  She was so stinking cute!  First, she had a surprised face, then she was grinning and fist pumping all over the place.  It was adorable!  After the game, we went to lunch at Canyon’s.  It was PACKED.  We got to sit outside and it was very nice in the shade of the umbrella.  My parents had come to see the game, so they were with us.

Later in the day, I got ready to head out for a Geeky Girl’s Night Out with some friends.  We have a HARD TIME organizing these GNOs. We’ve almost always just gone to the movies, with a few times just watching movies at someone’s house.  This time, we couldn’t agree on a movie, so I hunted around all those event sites (Citysearch, etc) and found a list of stuff going on Saturday (because we had picked a date).  Luckily, there was this perfect-for-GEEKY-GNO play happening at Dad’s Garage.  It’s called The Wrath of Con and it’s all about a SF/Fantasy/Whatever convention (not very thinly veiled copy of Dragon*Con, which happens here in Atlanta).  It was extremely funny.  (It’s been extended another two weeks if you get a chance to go see it.  REALLY funny.)

Anyway, we ate at a fancier place before, called Sotto Sotto.  Normally, we end up at Mexican or Italian local-type places…the same types of places we eat as a family quite a bit.  So it was cool that we were doing something a little nicer this time.  I took advantage of that and actually dressed up a tiny bit.  I even wore a skirt!  No, I didn’t take a picture.  😛  The food was decent.  I was very surprised at my restraint in the food arena.  Truthfully, I’d looked at the menu online and most of it was indeciperable (is that a word?) to me, so I had decided ahead of time that I’d just have the lemon chicken.  I don’t drink much any more, so I just had water.  I even declined dessert.  It actually wasn’t that hard, this time.  I didn’t look at the list, but what the others got or talked about didn’t sound terribly appetizing to me.  So, not only did I not spend a lot, but I didn’t eat a lot of needless calories.  So, score!  My chicken was good, but nothing special.  It was very juicy, though not terribly lemony.  Though, to be fair, I didn’t eat the skin. It came with some garlic spinach that was decent and some nice tiny potatoes.  Unfortunately, on the way home, I developed a headache that made it hard to go to sleep later and stayed around until this morning.  Fortunately, it went away after lunch!

Today, we headed to our closest comic book show, Dr. No’s.  (If anyone knows of a closer one, let me know.  I can verify that The Wright Stuff in Woodstock only has action figures and a lot of junk, but not comics or games).  Em has been watching the animated version of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch on Netflix and liking it a lot. Well, before the show, in the credits, it says it’s based on characters from Archie comics.  I’m familiar with Archie, but never really read them, but I’m unsure what they’re talking about.  Anyway, that let her to ask to go to a comic book shop.  Now, neither Chris or I are comic book geeks.  I’ve been known to read a select few things (The Middleman and Fray and a few things based on tv I like…Buffy Season 8, The Guild, Dr. Horrible…) and Chris probably read them as much as most boys at a kid, but other than Knights of the Dinner Table, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him read anything I’ve not brought home.  Still, any chance to encourage Em’s interests, especially geeky ones, we take!  Dr. No’s is a pretty nice place.  It’s pretty decent sized, with half comics and half games and gaming.  I think Chris might be interested in gaming again, so he asked some about that.  Though he’s got TONS of Warhammer stuff in the basement and they don’t do a lot of it there.  Anyway, Em picked up a Sabrina comic, some random Archies, a few Muppet comics, and a Tiny Titans.  She’s reading Sabrina now. 🙂  After the comic store, we went to the park for about an hour so Em could swing.  /lol

This week we’ve got Soccer practice on Tuesday (where I’m carpool mom), a soccer game on Saturday morning, a birthday party in the evening, and a Girl Scout event on Sunday evening.  She’s got another week of school after that and the following week is Spring Break.  She’s going to visit my mom for part of it.  We don’t have any real plans.


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