Posted by: wildflowerz | March 26, 2012

Am I a man or am I a muppet? If I’m a muppet then I’m a very manly muppet. Am I a muppet? Or am I a man? If I’m a man that makes me a muppet of a man.

Good morning!  It was a beautiful weekend!  Em had her pictures on Saturday, followed by her game.  It was warm enough that we brought out the giant team umbrella we’d picked up ages ago, but never used.  It’s one of those giant umbrellas with side flaps that you set up on the ground for kids to sit under during games and such.  They played a good game, though they ended up losing.  I’m really proud of Em and how much more into it and better she’s gotten.  Both seasons last year, she’d jog or even walk behind everyone else so that she didn’t have to get in there and kick the ball.  She wanted to play goalie so she wouldn’t have to run around.  Now she runs after the ball and gets her foot on it a lot.  She likes to play defense because she likes to kick the ball hard. 🙂  One of her best friends scored a goal on Saturday too!  It was her first ever and she was SO cute and excited after it happened.

Anyway, after the game, we went to Sidelines for lunch.  We had time to get home, get Em a shower, and take a few minutes before it was time to head out to take her to a birthday party.  One of the girls in her Girl Scout troop had a skating birthday party and donated all her gifts to Children’s Healthcare.  Em had a great time, but she was about at the end of her patience when we picked her up.  I think she was super tired.

Yesterday we drove over to see Chris’s parents.  His dad’s birthday is today.  We went to take them out to lunch, but he wouldn’t pick anywhere to eat!  He ended up leaving it Chris’s mom, who also had a hard time thinking of somewhere, until Chris mentioned that we’d had Mexican the night before.  Then she wanted Mexican, so we did that.  Today I’m hoping I’m retaining a bunch of water ’cause the scale says I’m up a couple of pounds.  And I’ve been doing REALLY well since Friday.  So that’s what I’m hoping.  I managed to complete week 3 of the Couch to 5K, just barely.  I did it, but it was tough.  I think I need to do the week again until I’m ready to get to the next week.

Em’s got a Girl Scout meeting this afternoon that’s going until 5.  They’re going to the Kroger to sell cookies.  Tomorrow’s soccer practice, but it won’t be my turn to drive.  Then this Saturday she’s got another skating birthday party.  Sunday, Chris and I are driving her up to my mom’s to spend a few days.  Then we’re going to see The Hunger Games, FINALLY. 🙂

With the weather being so nice and with my bathing suit trip, I’ve been thinking about summer.  We’ve pretty much decided on Em’s summer camps.  She’s doing Girl Scout camp the second week.  She’s going to do a summer enrichment thing that her elementary school is doing with the other one really close to us during the second week.  Then, later in the summer, she’s probably going to do a gymnastics camp.  It’s great because her two best friends are definitely doing the GS camp and probably the summer enrichment one.  Then one of her best friends might do the gymnastics camp too, so hopefully we can get them in there at the same time.  Also, that BF is probably doing gymnastics in the Fall at the same place, so hopefully we can get them in the same class.

I’ve also been thinking about what I want to do with Em over the summer.  I had quite a lot of things set for last summer.  I think Em was over it.  So this summer, it’s going to be different.  She’ll be in 3rd grade next year and that’s when the multiplication memorization starts.  So, we’re going to work just on memorizing the multiplication tables for math.  Then she’s got a goal of reading 50 points worth of books, which should be easy for her.  Other than that, we’re going to be relaxed.  Lots of pool visits, summer movies, whatever.  I’m kind of excited for it, actually.  🙂


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