Posted by: wildflowerz | March 30, 2012

Wait, I’m starting to suffocate and soon I anticipate, I’m coming undone. What looks so strong, so delicate.

Week: 26
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 214.6
Weekly Change: No Change
Total Loss: 24.6
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 32
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 27
Weekly Points Used: 10 (out of 49)

I’m kinda pissed right now.  Is that alright to say?  Don’t care;  I am.  I really stepped back on track this week.  I got plenty of exercise, drank plenty of water, and stayed WELL within my points.  I was expecting at LEAST a pound, if not two.  And I maintained.  I had my period this week.  For me, that also means I should have lost.  I tend to retain just before I start and then it goes away.  SO fucking annoyed right now.  But I’m not giving up, as I want to do.  I could quit right now and gain back all I’ve lost and probably more.  Then where would I be?  Fatter.  So, I’m plugging along.  However, I’m also very much of the mind that if something isn’t working, you need to change it.  Because to continuing to do the same thing for whatever arbitrary reasons and expecting a different results is stupid.


This week’s “lesson” was on fiber.  So in keeping with that, I’ll try my best to up my fiber intake.  According to WW, women need 25g of fiber a day.  However, who wants to count their fiber grams?  So to make it easy, if you have 5 servings of fruits and veg and 3 servings of whole grains, you should be set.  I might count the fiber anyway.  I do better with more concrete “rules.”  We’ll see.

In exercise, I haven’t done well on week 3 of the Couch to 5K.  Week 2 is two sessions of 1.5 minute jogs alternated with two 3 minute jogs.  The 3 minutes are probably about at the limit of “I can do this, but I feel like I’m going to die at the end.”  Week 3 is two 3 minute jogs, alternated with two 5 minute jobs.  Holy hell, Batman.  I can make it through the first 3 minutes.  The first day I made it, just barely, through the first 5 minute.  There wasn’t enough recovery time for me, so I ended up walking the rest.  The next time I tried it, I couldn’t make it through the first 5 minute.  I’ll keep trying and eventually make it, but it’s annoying and disheartening.  In addition to the 3 jog days, I also mowed the lawn.  Ug.  I LOATHE being outside.  This week I plan to continue to work on the Couch to 5K and add in some extra stuff.  Maybe a Zumba day, a straight walking on the treadmill day, maybe a WAtP day.  We’ll see.  I also want to make it a goal to get 70k steps this week.  I got 63045 this week.  I also want to get to the goal of 70 flights of stairs.  This week I did 60.

Hmm, what else?  Oh, our leader suggested a visual cue for losing weight.  Some people do paper clip strings, some people do sticker charts, whatever.  I have a sticker chart on my fridge.  But I figured that another thing wouldn’t hurt.  So, I used her suggestion and did this:

I got a big bag of the red glass “stones” and the jars I got held more than I thought, so I used two stones for every pound.  Since WW only measures in 2/10 of pounds, I didn’t put one in for the .6 I’m over 24.  I had enough to do 3 per pound, but that also doesn’t help.  I could get another one and have one for every 2/10 of a pound, I suppose.  Anyway, I have no idea what my goal weight is.  So, I just took my starting weight and subtracted the highest weight for my height and sex and came up with 93.  Holy fucking shit:  93lbs.  That’s a LOT of weight.  I’ve avoided focusing on the big picture until now because of the mindset that it will just discourage me.  And it kinda does.  But I really want to move those stones over too, so maybe it’s helping?  I don’t know, but here’s hoping.



  1. I like the stones idea a LOT! Your glasses are super cute! I am not sure I could tolerate having my entire “to go” on display even for me 😉 but it would also totally motivate me! 🙂

    Hang in there – the counterbalance to the Chinese definition of insanity that you quote above is that if you aren’t consistent, you can’t tell what’s what – after a bit of time being “less on” and not having huge gains or anything, maybe your body just needs to readjust?

    I think you are doing great!! 🙂

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