Posted by: wildflowerz | April 20, 2012

Oh but that one night was more than just right. I didn’t leave you ’cause I was all through. Oh I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell because I really fell for you.

Week: 29
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 218.2
Weekly Change: +2.0
Total Loss: 21
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 32
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 20
Weekly Points Used: 40 (out of 49)

Look at that.  Another gain.  It’s not a surprise, but disappointing, none the less.  So learning and moving on.

On the plus side, here are some good things from this week…my Fitbit numbers!  For the week, I have 71,107 steps, so an average of 10,158 a day.  I did 71 floors.  So I definitely made my goals on the step/floor front.  But Fitbit just changed their website so now I can’t see the amount of time I’m very active, lightly active, fairly active, or sedentary.  I also can’t see the amount of time I’m actually asleep.  Hrm.

So, what’s new for this week?  A lot, actually.  I’ve been complacent and apathetic since I hit my 10% so it’s time for some radical changes:

  • No desserts.  I’ve been doing light ones mostly (Smart Ones, Slim a Bears, etc), but I’m over-doing it.  I had success a while ago by cutting out all the dessert-type food, so I’m going to give it a shot again.
  • 29 Daily Points.  WW has me at 32 and I’ve been there for a while.  They let you change it by 3 down, so I’m going to try that.
  • More veg.  I’ve been slack about the veg.  Most of my F&V servings have been coming from fruit.  I’m totally not cutting out fruit because I like it, but I’m going to do some different stuff.  One thing is adding spinach to the smoothies I already do (thanks FB friends!).  I also have been eating a lot of sandwiches for lunch.  I’ve been using that SUPER yummy Publix hoagie roll.  But it’s 4 points.  It’s hard to find any whole wheat regular bread that’s less than 3 points, but at least it’s whole wheat, right?  So, I got these thing sandwich things for 3 points each and I got some whole wheat, high fiber tortilla wraps that are only 1 point each.  I’m also going to be adding veg to the sandwiches and wraps.  I got broccoli slaw that I never tried before.
  • Exercise more.  This week I’ve done okay.  The few days I didn’t walk on the treadmill, I did walking in place while reading at night before bed to get in my extra steps.  I’d like to do enough exercise that I don’t need to do that.  I want to add some other things a few times a week at least.  Probably Zumba or Just Dance on the xBox.  I think I want to have a goal of 15 floors a day too.  I’ve fallen behind on the Couch to 5K thing too.  I hit week 4, I think, and it was just too much for me.  I’m thinking of doing a different plan where you just add 30 seconds more at a time to your jogging intervals.
  • Caffeine.  I’m contemplating trying to give this up too.  Right now I think all I’m going to do is just see how long I can do without it before getting a headache, and then having it.  Maybe it will lessen?  Of course, I’ll try pounding the water to alleviate the headache.

I think that’s probably enough this week.

Lots of stuff going on in the next few weeks.  Saturday Em’s got a soccer game and practice before that.  Chris’s parents are coming to the game and maybe staying and going to dinner with us or coming early and doing lunch.  Sunday we’re going to RennFest (yay!).  Next Friday we’ve got the school’s movie night.  Then Saturday Em’s got a soccer game a county or so away from here.  My parents are coming maybe to the game, but definitely to babysit her that night so Chris and I can go out.  If it rains this Saturday, we’ll probably do RennFest next Saturday.  We’ll see, I guess!  After that, Em’s got one more regular soccer game and then she’ll have a makeup game and she’s done with soccer until the fall.

It looks like we’ll probably be going down to South Georgia the weekend Em’s out of school.  It’s not a great time for us to go and we tried to schedule it for a later weekend in June, but no one else wants us to do that, evidently, so I guess the first weekend it is.  It’ll be a little time with the fame, a baby shower, and a little beach time.  I guess it will start the summer off well, though, yeah?

Oh, remember the dress I found at Target?  I went back and got it in dark grey, as well as 3 camis to go under the two.  Funny enough, I went to the bus stop yesterday and Em’s best friend’s mom was wearing the same one!  I also went to BJs and found a very cute skort in dark blue.  The shorts underneath are made of the softest material and I love it.  🙂

I’ve gone on for long enough today, so yeah.  Later. 🙂


  1. In my experience, there are always ups and downs on a weightless program. Still, if it keeps up, I’d have my thyroid checked. I’ve recently discovered that mine has become really unstable after years of being just fine on a medication. It’s driven both me and my WW leaders crazy. I’m hoping that when the medication is right, I’ll start losing.

  2. An impressive share, I passed your link to a co worker who was doing a bit analysis on this topic. And he bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile. So let me rephrase that : Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is distinctly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog post!.

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