Posted by: wildflowerz | April 23, 2012

Hey there sister wife, get the hell out, it’s my night. You don’t know the way to his heart like I do.

Soooo, hello!  I’ve been doing excellent!  We had a great weekend and I’ve held it together.  I’ve been putting the broccoli slaw on everything I could find to put it on.  It’s got a nice crunch and adds a little flavor.  I’ve had a couple of wraps and I put it on the chicken burger I had for lunch.

Friday we did Wendy’s and Chris brought home a Coke Zero for me.  So, even though I hadn’t had caffeine all day, I had that.  Weak, I know.  But I’ve laid off the caffeine since then.  I’ve getting about 7 bottles (16.9oz ones) a day of water.

Saturday Chris’s parents came over to go to Em’s soccer game.  We ate at Canyon’s before and I got a big salad and did the dressing on the side.  After we went to the soccer game.  We were there about 5 minutes before Chris had to take his mom home.  It was REALLY hot out there.  I mean, not middle of summer hot, but considering the weather the rest of the week, it was REALLY hot.  The game seemed to drag on forever for some reason.  The other team only had 5 players so they took lots of time outs for water breaks.  I guess that’s why.  The lost by a good bit.  Plus the other team’s favorite move was to kick the ball out of bounds so there were a LOT of stops of play.  We did Mexican take-out for dinner.  That was probably my worse meal of the weekend, but I planned it out and still did well.

Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival.  The weather forecast was for 65ish. So we wore shorts and tees.  But it was REALLY freakin’ windy and cold.  We saw our favorite act, Barely Balanced, and wandered around the rest of the time.  Em got a couple of pair of earrings and some princess rings for her and her friends (read:  toe rings, but small enough and adjustable for little fingers).  I’m sure they’ll lose them within the first five minutes that they’ve got them, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Em also got her hair braided.  It looks lovely.  I wish I could do that.  I suck at anything other than the standard braid.  She managed to hold it together over the night and wore it to school that way today.  Em got a Death By Chocolate dessert and shared it with Chris and I didn’t have one bite!  It was TOUGH!

I decided to up my floors per day to 15 and steps per day to 11,000.  I’ve made my goals every day.  I did actual walking on the treadmill on Saturday.  Sunday was just walking at RenFest.  Today I did walking on the treadmill and then mowing the lawn.  Em’s got a Girl Scouts meeting today (LAST one, thank god) and then soccer practice tomorrow.  Friday’s the movie night.  Saturday’s a soccer game and plans with friends.  Yay!


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