Posted by: wildflowerz | April 30, 2012

Deaf chords, deaf hens. Sling set can’t meet their demands. Deaf whores, best friends. Infinity guitars, go ‘head.

Uuuuuggggg.  I’m having allergy issues as well as the imminent arrival of my period.  This is not a good combo.

Friday night was movie night at Em’s school.  It started at 6.  Around 5:15 or so, it started raining.  Not a whole lot, but enough that it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.  Chris came into the living room to mention it.  Said we’d wait a few minutes and if it didn’t stop, we’d go out for dinner instead.  Then he went into the living room and went to sleep. :-\  So Em and I had sandwiches at home.  Em takes FOREVER to eat, but by the time she’d almost finished, I get the email saying that they’re still having it, but it’d be in the gym, but no chair allowed.  Yeah, we could have went to see the movie, but sitting on a hard gym floor for 2 hours isn’t my idea of a good time.  Plus, Em and I had already eaten and were watching Goblet of Fire instead.  So when Chris finally woke up, he went to the school and picked up our food.

Saturday morning Em had a soccer game in the next county north.  They were all rather slow in the first half, but they really got it together for the second half.  They finally started being pretty aggressive.  In fact, too aggressive.  One of Em’s friends kept pushing the girls on the other team!  Em’s other best friend scored!  They still lost by a pretty good margin, but they had fun.  It’s so funny to see how they deal with it.  Em could mostly care less.  Her friend (the aggressive one) gets really upset when they lose.  /shrug  That night we went over to our friend’s house for a bday party.  I ate entirely too much yummy food!  We had a good time and played a really long game of Quiddler.

Sunday I woke up in a bad mood.  I was incredibly sleepy when I woke up, but couldn’t go back to sleep.  Mostly I just felt like I was in a really bad mood and my stomach was crampy.  I don’t really like to detail every ache and pain I have in conversation, but my mom would NOT stop asking me what was wrong.  So, I was even more annoyed.  /sigh  We ended up going out to lunch at IHOP (where I, again, ate too much).  My mom, Chris, and Em went to the park while I stayed home.  For dinner we ended up doing Wendy’s (again, ate too much).

I sucked this weekend with food and exercise.  I barely got in any steps or floors and I ate entirely too much.  Also, I feel hungry ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  Grr.  Today I feel all crampy and sniffly and it’s just not good. 😦

Em’s got soccer practice tomorrow, where I’m the carpool driver.  Thursday’s their school Art Festival.  Saturday we’ve got the week off from games before their last regular game the next week.  Then they’ll have one more makeup game the next week.


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