Posted by: wildflowerz | May 4, 2012

We were just killing time with those classes! One semester we took Criminology, for Christ’s sakes. What the fuck were we training to be, Batmen?

Howdy.  So, I think I get PMS at least a week before my actual period.  Is this normal?  I get crampy and feel bloated and I get REALLY touchy about everything.  Sounds like PMS.  But then my period doesn’t start for at least a week.  It seems to happen ever time too.  Weird.

Had a bit of uncertainty with a certain cutie pie’s sleepover tonight.  I feel bad that I ended up making the girl cry, but I promise it’s NOT MY FAULT!  I told Em on Monday that she could invite someone over for tonight since there’s no soccer game this weekend.  She decided to invite one of her best friends that’s only slept over once and that was with another best friend at her birthday party.  So, I texted her mom on Monday, asking.  By Wednesday, she still hadn’t answered and I saw on FB that she was going out of town with some friends.  So, I checked my phone and I had texted her home number because evidently my phone didn’t think the “mobile” number would be the one that should automatically come up and I sure don’t have her numbers memorized.  So yeah.  So I sent her an email and she said that would be fine and her hubs would call me.  But he never did.  And I never saw him at the bus stop.  So I just assumed that she wasn’t coming.  But she comes off the bus and both of them are telling me that she can spend the night.  Except her dad’s not there and I’m not going to bring home a girl to my house without having talked to him first.  I mean, what if he didn’t agree and can’t find her?  So, she walked home and he ended up bringing her over.  He didn’t call ’cause he didn’t have my number.  😛  Not sure why he didn’t just call his wife and ask, but oh well.  They’re here and having fun, so all’s good.  I heard them both singing loudly to One Direction in Em’s playroom earlier and it was too cute.  Now they’re playing Rush on the Kinect.  We have a fun, boring evening of pizza, ice cream, popcorn, and movies.  Very exciting, huh?

We don’t have much planned for the weekend.  We might go see the Pirates movie and/or Chimpanzee.  That’s about it.

Oh, and I’m not sure how the Memorial Day weekend’s going to go.  Chris’s sister has that room block reserved at a place their them, so we’re set for that.  But since it’s Memorial Day weekend, she’s not sure if she can find anywhere near the beach.  So it’s likely that we’ll drive all the way down there after school on Friday and drive all the way back on Sunday.  Bah.

Ooh, I did get Em signed up for gymnastics camps.  Sounds fun.  They’ll have one water day and one day where they go over to the Bounce House (it’s right next door).  They’ll also have a guest come in on one day that’s in the theme of the week.  Em’s doing Beach Week.

I also finally got my vacuum cleaner back.  I took it in 2 weeks ago to get it fixed and my floor’s been in serious need of cleaning.  Evidently, you’re supposed to get your Dyson serviced every year.  Who knew?  Okay, maybe everyone but me.


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