Posted by: wildflowerz | May 10, 2012

Don’t spill your drink. Don’t drop your food. Don’t make the music in the house go boom. Hey, don’t use my mom’s good scissors. And please stay out of my room!

Thank goodness.  I finally got my period.  So instead of feeling like crap emotionally, I feel like crap physically.  I’ll take the later, tyvm.  I have been feeling just awful lately.  There was the incident yesterday of course, but I’ve just been feeling really depressed and out of control.  I finally got my period today.  My back’s killing me and my tummy’s a little achy, but I feel so much better.  So, yay. 🙂

Em’s best friend’s mom is a teacher, so she gets all the info on those Scholastic warehouse book sales.  We went today.  It makes my third time going and I LOVES it!  I get all sorts of cool stuff.  Usually it’s an even split with stuff for me and stuff for Em.  Today, it was almost all Em.  I did get The Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede that I wanted to read, but it’s cool for Em too.  I got her this awesome toy too.  Do you remember fashion plates?  I think they were Barbie, but I could be wrong.  It was these plates that had 3 sections:  Head, upper body, and lower body.  You mix and matched them and put them in this thing with paper on top.  Then you used a sideways crayon to rub the image on the paper.  The back of each plate had patterns and stuff you could rub too.  Well, Wendy’s, I think, had a miniature toy like this in a kid’s meal a while back and it made me remember fashion plates.  So I found a few knock off versions and stuck them on Em’s wish list.  Well, at the book sale today, I found a nice, rather big, set of them for only $8!  I also got her a DS game and 2 PC games for only $5 each.  Score!

I’ve been doing awful this week with food.  I ate about half a bag of fun size Twix.  Yup.  And a box of granola bars.  I’d think one minute, “Okay, from now I’m going to do better,” and then 4 seconds later eat another granola bar.  I’ve felt extremely out of control this week.  But today, I’m hoping, that’s over.  I’ve done well today with staying in my points.  In fact, I still have quite a few because most of the day I wasn’t anywhere with food.  😛  I haven’t done caffeine today either.  Mostly because we ran out of Diet Mtn Dew and no one had it on sale, but still!

I’ve also decided to do something that’s probably really stupid.  We’re getting together with my dad’s mom, my mom and dad, and my dad’s brother and his fam on Mother’s Day.  We don’t usually do this.  We usually just see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So we’re all bringing stuff and evidently I can’t be trusted to make part of the regular meal because they’ll never let me.  So I’m bringing desserts.  Here’s the stupid part:  I decided that since I never get to bake (just like the Strawberry Cake Reasoning from Chris’s birthday) I’m going to make a few of those Pinterest things I’ve pinned, but can’t make because they are so bad for us and there’s only 3 of us here to get rid of it.  I can’t see making an entire recipe, trying it, and then throwing away the rest.  And I can’t trust myself to have it here in the house.  So I picked out 3 incredibly yummy looking things and I’m making them.  I’ve gotten extra Gladware to bring with me and I’m sending the leftover with everyone else.  So I’ll taste it all and after that day, it’s done.  I’m still sure this is a monumentally stupid idea, but I’m doing it anyway.  At least I’m being a little responsible about it.

We’re heading into the last few weeks of school and it’s busy time!  Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Friday, 5/11 – Girl Scout Mock Camp Out from 6-9pm
  • Saturday, 5/12 – 10am Soccer practice followed by the game.
  • Saturday, 5/12 – Pool opens and though it will be chilly water, we gotta go.  😛
  • Sunday, 5/13 – Mother’s Day lunch at my Great Grandmother’s House (1.5 hour drive)
  • Monday, 5/14 – Possibly the last soccer game of the season 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, 5/15 – A soccer team pizza party if we have the game Monday, practice if we don’t.
  • Wednesday, 5/16 – Field Day for 2nd grade
  • Friday, 5/18 – Yearbook Signing Party at Em’s school
  • Saturday, 5/19 – Last soccer game if we don’t have it Monday.
  • Sunday, 5/20 – Meeting at Em’s Girl Scout Camp
  • Wednesday, 5/23 – Honor’s Day for 2nd grade, Class party
  • Friday, 5/25 – Drive to St. Mary’s for a baby shower early the next day.  Stay until Tuesday and do beach stuff.
  • Monday, 6/4 – Friday, 6/8 – Girl Scout Camp
  • Monday, 6/11 – Friday, 6/15 – Summer Enrichment Program

Then we finally don’t have anything going on until the 2nd or 3rd week of July when Em has gymnastics camp.  Whew!  It was Bring A Friend night at her friend’s dance class, so Em went to that tonight.  Oy!

For Girl Scout camp, Em’s gotta have something called SWAPs.  Evidently it’s some kind of something (any kind of something) attached to a pin.  Vague much?  So I’m going to Joann’s after WW tomorrow to see what I can find.  A friend thought up the perfect thing for Em:  bookmarks!  But I talked to another GS mom and she said they’re supposed to be on a pin because they put them on a lanyard or something.  So yeah.

Chris and I have totally been selfishly making Em watch the pre-Avengers movies so we can all go and see it.  I’d hoped we could go see something tomorrow night while she’s doing her GS thing, but it’s just not enough time.  We also got the first Men in Black movie to see if she’s into that since the third one’s coming out soon.  We’ll see.  She’s watched Iron Man and Captain America so far and liked them pretty well.  We borrowed Iron Man 2 and Thor from a friend. Ed Norton, I love you dearly, but we’re not sitting through The Hulk.


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