Posted by: wildflowerz | May 14, 2012

You’re insecure. Don’t know what for. You’re turning heads when you walk through the door. Don’t need make-up, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough.

The good news is that all three of the tasty treats I made for yesterday were very tasty.  The bad news is that all three of the tasty treads I made for yesterday were very tasty.

I ate entirely too much.  We had ribs and they were SO FREAKING GOOD too.  They were dry rub, which normally aren’t great, but these were amazing.  It was funny, though.  The moms all made all the food.  So when it was time to eat, who go their food first?  Everyone but the moms.  And then, 3 of the 4 moms had to be exiled to the kitchen to sit and eat because everyone else had taken up all the rest of the seats.  Nice, huh?  Even when they were called out on it, they didn’t move.  Oh well.  It was a nice time with everyone, but driving 3 hours in the rain wasn’t great.

Ooh, I have good news.  Our neighborhood’s doing water aerobics classes this summer.  Yay!  They’re at 8am before the pool opens.  The first week’s when Em’s in Summer Enrichment, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it the first week, but we’ll see.

Soccer’s seeming like it will never end.  They had their last regular game Saturday.  They’ve got to make up the game they missed in the beginning of the season.  First it was going to be next Saturday.  Then, tonight.  Now it’s going to be tomorrow.  Gah.

We did end up taking Em to the pool on Saturday.  Her game was at 10:30 and rather chilly.  So we decided not to do the pool.  But after we went to lunch, we went to WalMart.  I know, I know…I ended my self-imposed ban on WalMart because Em’s best friend’s mom told me that they had water shoes for $2.  The girls have to have the for GS camp, but she won’t wear them otherwise.  So since they were so cheap, we went.  Only they weren’t $2…they were $6.  But we did find a one piece for gymnastics camp later in the summer, so at least there’s that.  Anyway, when we came out, the sun was out and it was warmer.  So we went.  One of her friends was there for part of the time, so at least she got to play with someone.  There were some really obnoxious teenage girls there too.  They kept shouting one word over and over again.  I dread the day Em gets to that age, but what can you do?  😛

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