Posted by: wildflowerz | June 10, 2012

Gitchie gitchie goo means I love you.

Friday was Em’s last day of Girl Scout camp.  She had an insanely good time.  I’d planned to replace GS with gymnastics for the fall.  It’s no secret that her GS troop annoyed me all year.  She was okay with only doing one year until their end-of-year mock campout.  She left there asking to do it again.  Of course, then we went to a bring-a-friend day at a dance class with one of her friends and she asked to do dance instead.  She’s very changeable.  Well, soccer ended and we got the sign up for next year.  Of course, I went ahead and signed her up.  She loved it, it’s very active, and it’s a team sport:  all very important things for her.  I was looking and she’s moving up into the next age division:  U10.  U10 practices twice a week.  I’m not willing to commit to 3 days every week of after school activities every week.  I don’t think she’d do well with being so busy and I know I won’t.  Plus, she’s moving to 3rd grade and from all I hear, it’s going to be much harder.  So, I talked to Chris and then Em and we decided we’d keep her in GS and do that and soccer.  GS is only every other week and they meet right after school.  And all the stuff they do is voluntary.  So there ya go.

Oh, back to Friday.  So it was the last day of camp.  Every other day, camp’s ended at 3pm, with pickup starting at 2:45 (don’t ask…I’ve no idea why they say it that way).  Well, Friday, they got out at 1pm.  We pick them up at a campground across the lake from the GS camp.  They boat them across and then drive them up to the parking lot in van-loads.  The parking lot has 3 rows.  One row near the trees, is where the girls are dropped off and no one parks there.  The middle row is for cars to pull in to wait and pick up their kids.  The back row is the same.  When someone vacates the middle row, a back row person pulls up.  Well, all week, I’ve gotten there about 15 minutes early so I could get a spot in the middle row.  I just sit there and read.  It steadily got hotter during the week, but was manageable with the windows down.  Unless someone parks next to me and refused to turn off their engine, that is.  Friday was one of those days.  I had the windows down for a while and it was hot, but I was dealing.  Someone showed up next to me and it got about 20 degrees hotter (okay, I’m exaggerating, shut up).  So I had to turn on my car and waste gas.  It was still cooler, but I just couldn’t cool down all the way.  Anyway, before I was showing up around 2:30 and usually left a little after 3 with the girls.  They were on the 3rd or 4th boat load.  Friday, they were running REALLY late.  I got there around 12:30 and didn’t get to leave with them until almost 2pm!  I was SO hot and annoyed.  The girls bickered and were generally annoying too.

I finally got them home and we rushed home and got ready for the pool.  I’m annoyed and trying calm down.  We get there and there’s a family we know.  Em starts playing and I talk to the mom.  One of Em’s best friends shows up and they’re all playing.  Then her other best friend (same one from car pool) shows up.  Em immediately mostly starts playing just with her.  So I’m sitting on the side, talking to moms.  Em’s across the pool with her friend.  The girl’s mom just took her youngest to the bathroom and girl’s grandmother’s sitting on the steps.  Suddenly, Em’s best friend’s screaming like crazy and clutching her eye.  The grandmother just sits there.  I had my top’s straps undone to prevent tan lines while I sat there, so I tied myself up as quickly as possible while the grandma and two other moms just sat there.  My girl was sitting over on a ledge in the pool with her arms crossed and a surly look on her face.  I jump in the pool and ask the friend what had happened.  She says Em squirted her in the eye with her water gun.  I get her across the pool to her grandma (who still hasn’t moved) and go to Em.  Evidently her friend “was being a brat” so she shot her in the eye with her pressurized water gun.  Seriously?  So, I gathered up our stuff, made Em apologize, and we went home.  We made Em throw away her squirt gun and she spent the rest of the evening in her room.


Yesterday, was an ordeal too.  Chris’s credit union had this deal on Six Flags tickets.  They were discounted and with free parking, a free return ticket, and a meal at the 6F group area.  You had to be at the food area from 6-7pm for dinner to get the return tickets.  So we decided we’d aim to get there around 3 and ride stuff.  Then do dinner and stay as long as we felt like it.  We got there and got on the first thing Em was tall enough for: the Daredevil.  We waited in line for an hour and a half.  It was breezy some, but it was also pretty hot.  We rode a few things before it was time for dinner.  I’d had a headache earlier that day, but it was down to a manageable (though still annoying) level by the time we got to 6F.  We did dinner and it was reasonably yummy.

After we headed out, we did the Ninja.  I’d totally underestimated how much I previously hated that ride.  I haven’t been to 6F is about 12 years.  So we rode it.   Holy hell.  That ride bangs my head against the restraint thing that goes over your shoulders.  I tried holding my head in the center, pressing it against one side, etc, etc.  But nothing I did could prevent my head from banging.  It shoved my earring backs into the side of my head.  Even with all that, it wouldn’t have been so bad except for that headache.  I thought I was going to die.  We got off and did the wet rides.  Thunder River first and I got soaked except for my shoes.  Since we were all already wet, we went ahead and did Splash Water Falls.  There was some severely overweight guy/girl in the front seat of one of the two boats they were running.  (S)he wouldn’t move off the ride.  And (s)he wouldn’t let anyone sit next to him.  Of course, Em wanted to ride in the front.  So it took twice as long once we got in that line.  The person running the ride said it was they only ride that person could ride, so they were staying on.  Not fucking fair.  We finally get on and we get re-soaked, including my shoes.  We head over and do the Scream Machine.  I remembered this one was REALLY bumpy, but I’ve never had a problem with it before.  Remember that headache?  I was in tears by the time we got off.  We got Em a Wonder Woman cape and then headed to the bathroom.

This next part, I’m sure I’ll laugh about it in the future, after I get over being so pissed and annoyed.  Remember I’m in tears from the headache.  We go into the freezing bathroom.  They kindly have those toilet seat covers and I use one.  But I’m really wet.  Do you know where this is going?  If you laugh, keep it to yourself.  /fist  The toilet seat cover clung to my ass and started partially disintegrating.  So I couldn’t pull it off in one sheet.  A lot of it I couldn’t pull off at all.

We went to do those small things we didn’t get to yet:  carousel, old-timey cars, bumper cars, Monster Plantation, but everything was closing. We thought 6F closed at 10pm, but they were closing everything down at 9pm.  So we just left.  It was an uncomfortable, wet ride home.  I took a shower and went to bed.

Ug.  Ug.  Ug.

Our return tickets have to be used before July 1.  Em’s got a free ticket from reading at school.  So Chris is going to use the return tickets to take her at least once…maybe twice.  I’m not going back any time soon.  I do perfectly fine with all the walking. I even could stand the heat this early in June.  But even though I probably wouldn’t have a headache again and I wouldn’t ride those two rides either way, I’ll let this be a daddy/daughter thing.  Em and I do a lot together, but Chris doesn’t.  Fwiw, 6F didn’t seem nearly as dirty as it used to be (yes, like 12 years ago), but it was still a little smelly in places.

Today, Em’s got a birthday party at the bowling alley.  It’s rainy and we might go see Madagascar 3.  She’s got Summer Enrichment this week too.  Other than that, we’ve got no plans.


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