Posted by: wildflowerz | June 17, 2012

People call us renegades ’cause we like living crazy. We like taking on the town ’cause people’s getting lazy.

Well, hello there.  First off, I didn’t go to WW on Friday.  I had to drop Em off at Summer Enrichment at 9am and I had too much to do, so I bunged off.  Sue me.

What’s going on….Well, Em’s SE stuff was fun.  It was a joint thing between her school another local elementary school.  She did this thing called Project Adventure.  It was basically like PE/Field Day, but cooler and all week.  She was only 1 of 3 girls in their class of 16.  They did stuff like cool problem-solving relays, real life Angry Birds, etc, etc.  She had a GREAT time.  She knew none of the other kids in her class at all and thinks they were all from Liberty.

Yesterday we did the pool.  It was…okay.  There weren’t a whole lot of kids there for Em.  One was our neighbor’s kid who she used to play with a lot.  She’s a year younger than Em though and you can definitely tell there’s an age difference.  Then another girl that she’s friends with came later.  The girl’s younger sister yells nonstop when she’s there and it’s hella annoying.  That and the people next to us where playing godawful country music.  It was really nice out, but hard to relax considering all that.

We decided to celebrate Father’s Day yesterday too.  So we gave Chris his gifts and he picked Outback.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but it was really not good.  After we did Bruester’s and then came home.  Chris and I have started working our way through 30 Rock.  That’s one of those shows that always gets such accolades, but I know hardly anyone who actually watches it.  It’s okay, but it’s not fab…at least not yet.

Today, Chris is with Em at Six Flags.  I’ve got the house to myself.  I did a little organizing and went to the grocery store.  Nothing exciting.  Right  now I’m evidently doing a Drop Dead Diva marathon.  They added season 3 to Netflix, so I’m trying to catch up.

This week we finally have no camps or anything.  We plan on going to see Big on Tuesday and Over the Hedge on Thursday.  I’m also going to give water aerobics a shot on Tuesday and Thursday.  We’re also going to start this 10 day multiplication program thing I got at The School Box.  Other than that, the weather’s supposed to be fab, so we’ll be at the pool a lot.

I’ve been checking out out elementary school website.  They are REALLY shaking stuff up.  Em’s kindergarten teacher’s going to be an AIM teacher.  Though I suspect it will probably be for the younger kids and Em’s just gotten to the upper 3, so she probably won’t be her teacher.  Em’s 1st grade teacher’s moving to 2nd grade (would that would have happened last year!)  A lot of the other teachers are being moved all around too.  I hope Em still gets someone good!


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