Posted by: wildflowerz | June 24, 2012

Organizing the Little

I like to be organized.  I make lists.  I make spreadsheets.  I like calendars, sometimes multiple ones.  I like things alphabetized and organized and lined up and straight.  I don’t think I’m super crazy with it.  I’ve seen lots of posts and such (especially on Pinterest) of people who do seem to be a little crazy about it.  But I get comments ALL the time from friends who evidently think I’m super organized, so I thought I’d do a post about how I organize for Emily.

First off, clothes and stuff.  I hang up most of Em’s clothes.  If it’s an outfit, I still have those hangers that little kid and baby clothes come on to display the outfit.  I still use them for the outfits that Em has where it’s something that goes almost exclusively together.  Before I explain her closet, here’s a picture:

She’s got a pretty small closet.  To the right and left of the door is about another 2 feet or so.  How they’re organized is pretty basic.  All the tee shirts are on the left.  Then, moving right, are the non-tee shirt shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, skirts, and outfits/dresses.  I used to hang up her leggings too, but I was running out of hangers, so I’ve folded them and put them in a bin. I’m not sure if you can see it very well in this picture, but on the left side of the closet, I have this cool, hanging rod.  A friend of mine found a couple for me (Thanks Julie!) I think at Babies R Us.  It’s 2 hooks on a plastic chain that hooks into a rod that hangs at kid height.  (The other one is in her play room and her dress up clothes hang on it.  She’s about at the end of that cycle though, so we’ll probably repurpose it soon.  On the right, I’ve hung all her belts.  On the far left that you can’t see are empty hangers.  We hang out her clothes for the week.  She helps me pick them out.  During the summer, we just stick a few outfits down there whenever I do laundry usually.  During the school year, we’ve got to coordinate her clothes with her Specials.

Specials are what her school calls Art, Music, and PE.  No idea if this is common, but that’s how it is here.  In Kindergarten and 2nd grade, she had the same specials schedule every week. In 1st grade, it changed ALL the time and we got a calendar.  For the calendar, I just stuck it in her closet.  When it was the same every week, I just remembered that Tuesday and Wednesday were Art and Music so she didn’t have to wear tennis shoes.  So during the school year, we pick out outfits and line them up right to left for each day.  We do right to left because the rod’s hanging on the left side of the closet.  When I get her up in the morning, if she’s not super grumpy, usually I’ll pick up the three PE outfits (or 2 non-PE) and let her pick which one she wants.  That done, I’ll give her a choice of which shoes she wants.  If they require socks, I’ll get those out.  I’ll also ask how she wants her hair and put that stuff out.  Then she gets dressed and I go back to my room to get dressed.  By the time I’m back, she’s dressed and I can do her hair.  Then she brushes her teeth and makes her bed while I go downstairs to get her breakfast and lunch made.

You’ll see those white bins in her closet too.  They used to hold toys in the family room when she was a baby.  Now they’ve got PJs in the top and all her soccer stuff in the bottom.  On the top surface are all her small shorts.  She wears these every once in a while during the summer, but they’re mostly for under dresses when she’s in school.  Most of them are the Soffe shorts.  We put her undies, socks, and leggings in three separate bins in her bookshelf.  Here’s a pic:

She’s got two of these bookshelves side by side.  All the rest of the cubes are filled with books.

For her shoes, we’ve got an over the door thing.  I put the out of season ones out of the way.  Usually all the types are together (flops, sandals, sports shoes), but she’s been moving them around, evidently. 🙂  You can see her scarves hanging there too:

The only thing left would be the jewelry and hair stuff.  I had one of those plastic bins with craft stuff in it, but I cleared it out when we bought the Ikea shelves.  I repurposed it for her bedroom.  We did have everything in a big plastic basket on her bathroom counter, but she was getting too much and the basket took up too much space.  She also got a bunch of old jewelry from her aunt and it was all getting mixed and tangled up.  I looked for a jewelry thing to hang the necklaces from, but I couldn’t find much, especially not large enough for all she has.  A long time ago, I moved all her earrings into one of those craft boxes that are supposed to hold embroidery floss.  I sorted them by color.  So I ended up just buying a bunch of ice cube trays and putting them in the drawers.  Those are the blue you see in the top two drawers.  Each thing gets it’s own cube slot.  The third drawer has the case with her earrings and some other random things.  The bottom drawer is hair stuff.  I just have it separated by headbands, elastics, clips, etc.  All her ribbons are just in a Ziploc bag.  You can get some really cheap small bins in the $1 section at Target.  That’s where I got all those storage things with her hair stuff.  Then, you can see in the other picture, I got some wide ribbon and sewed it over a metal hoop and hung it on the wall and attached her ribbons that were on clips.  I made two so if we need to, we can put one on the other side of those pictures.

Hmm, this post has gotten long.  Just one more section, I think.  I also have a routine when Em comes home from school.  When she gets off the bus, I unpack her backpack.  She comes home with an agenda, a folder, her lunch box, and any miscellaneous stuff.  The agenda has her homework written in it as well as a stamp for behavior for the day that I have to initial.  I do that.  The folder has any homework pages and any completed work.  I empty and look at all that and discard or keep whatever.  I empty her lunch box, putting everything away.  Then I put the stuff that we don’t need back in her backpack and it goes on a shelf.  (More on the shelf in a minute.)  I lay out her homework in a stack.  She’s then got 30 minutes of non-tv/computer time to decompress, have a snack, whatever. After that, she does her homework.  Once it’s done, she’s free.

This shelf thing is kind of new.  Until last week, she put her backpack on the chair of a small table set she got a few years ago.  She doesn’t use it now except to put things on and it takes up a lot of real estate in the kitchen, so I pulled this shelf out of our coat closet and am using it for her school stuff.  Of course, during the summer, there’s none of that, so right now it’s storing sunblock, leave in conditioner for the pool, bottled water, etc.  When school starts, she’ll stick her backpack in one of the big shelves.  The middle shelf will probably hold her Brownie stuff.  The top will be stuff that needs attention.  The other shelf will probably just be random stuff.  Right now the stuff on top’s mostly Groupons we need to use or pictures that need to get to the Grandparents.


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