Posted by: wildflowerz | June 29, 2012

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine.

Week: 40
Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 214.4
Weekly Change: +0.4
Total Loss: 24.8
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 32
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  30
Weekly Points Used: 13 (out of 49)

I don’t think that Activity count is accurate.  I can’t imagine bowling being very active, but the points tracker here says I earned 9 points for 2 hours.  That seems insanely high to me.  Oh well.

I’m still struggling.  Every day’s like that.  Sucks.  I’ve done well with exercise this week, though.  I started back the Couch to 5K deal (as I last posted) and I did that three days and 3 days of just walking for 30 minutes.  I only missed last Friday.  I’ll probably not do any exercise today either.  I’m definitely a “do it in the morning before the brain has a chance to wake up and realize what I’m doing” kind of girl.  Rarely will I exercise in the evening.

The food’s what’s giving me issues…it’s always going to be the food.  I’m hungry all the time.  ALL the time.  Going out to eat is a nightmare.  The only things most places have that are healthy are salads and while I’ll eat and like them every once in a while, I’m incredibly tired of having them every time I go out.  We go out to eat for a change of pace and so I don’t have to cook.  To try new things.  But what’s the fun in eating a fucking salad every time?  True, I can eat smaller portions of stuff I like.  But here’s the deal with that:  If I eat a smaller portion, I’m still hungry.  So then I just go home and eat more and I’ve not only wasted half a restaurant meal and not eaten all the food, but I end up eating around the same Points anyway.

Don’t mind me, I’m just bitching again. 😛

I took Em to the doctor on Wednesday for her yearly checkup.  She’s doing great except that she’s got Swimmer’s Ear in one of her ears.  It’s no wonder from how much we go.  Her doctor gave us a scrip for drops that we’ve got to do for a week.  Em won’t go to the pool until it’s done.  I got some ear plugs and her doctor said it was fine to continue going, but Em won’t do it.  So there’s not a lot going on here.  Yesterday, we were going to go see The Avengers instead, but she didn’t even feel good enough for that.  Wednesday night she spent the night with her best friend and she never sleeps well when that happens.  And her ear hurt.  She took an actual nap yesterday.  I can’t remember the last time she did that.  Then we watched Up and had popcorn up in my bedroom.  She didn’t want to do anything.  She’s kinda mopey and stuff today too.  We went to WW and then stopped by the grocery store to get stuff for our “tea party.”  That’s most deservedly in quotes because we won’t be having tea.  Neither one of us like it.  We’re having raspberry lemonade instead.  😛  We tried to go to our local tea show at like 10:30am last Friday and even though there was almost no one there, they said they were full and couldn’t serve us.  Nice.

So if Em keeps up this “no pool” thing, we’ll probably go roller skating on Monday and who knows the rest of the week.  She should be done with the drops by Wednesday morning.


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