Posted by: wildflowerz | July 11, 2012

In touch with the ground, I’m on the hunt I’m after you. Smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd and I’m hungry like the wolf.

Hello folks.  I’ve been slack about updating.  I know, I suck.  Today, we got to take our first visit to Urgent Care.  Em spent the weekend and until Tuesday with my parents.  My mom had to go into dialysis on Monday, so she arranged for Em to have a play date with a friend of her’s and her grand-daughter (who Em has played with before).  While she was there, Em ran too fast down the stairs and her left leg (I think) got bent back farther than it should.  Now we think it’s a pulled groin muscle.  I called her doctor’s nurse line.  Her doctor is on vacation, but they wanted us to go to the Urgent Care place.  So, 2 hours later, she had xrays and blood drawn and they ruled out broken bones and an infection in her hip.  In the end, they told us to do Motrin for a few days and make her rest.  Yeah.  We didn’t get outta there until almost 1pm.  I had a library book due, my care was almost out of gas, I needed Motrin, and we were starving.  We didn’t get home until around 2pm finally.  She’s been snuggled up on the couch, watching movies ever since.  We started with Monte Carlo and are now watching The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The 4th didn’t go exactly as planned.  We always have a group of families that do a big cookout and fireworks.  The main family is getting divorced, so it was a little up in the air.  Lots of my friends were getting texts from the people doing it, but I didn’t get one, so it felt a little weird.  Especially since the one texting was the mom of one of Em’s friends from soccer.  Em wanted to do our local county’s fireworks, but we didn’t really want to.  Then it rained pretty hard right at dinner.  So Chris and Em ended up going up there right at dark.

While Em was at my parent’s, I was sick.  There were no real movies out, so I ended up laying in bed, watching movies and reading and Chris played computer games.  By Monday, I was better, so a friend and I hung out at the pool, got lunch, went to see Magic Mike, and then did yummy dinner at La Parilla.  The movie sucked ass, but the rest was great.  I don’t care for Channing Tatum or Matthew McConeghey (sp?), but I love Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer.  Unfortunately, they’re background characters and you don’t see a lot of them. 😦  Oh well.

We were going to go to Tellus tomorrow, but I guess we’ll hold off on that.  Em was supposed to have gymnastics camp next week, but we’re going to have to cancel it.  I hope I can get my money back.  I called them today and they said they’d call me back, but haven’t yet.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Ooh, we’re planning our Disney trip.  The prices were just released today.  I’m having a hard time getting our TA to email me back.  Every time I email, I wait a few weeks and then have to email again before she finally calls me back.  We’ve been using Small World.  I was thinking of changing to Pixie Vacations.  The only reason we use a TA is because they’ll do the ADRs for you, but a friend on FB told me that you can do them yourself online, so I might just try that instead.  I already have everything all figured out.  For you Disney enthusiasts, I’ll make a post after we officially book with all our choices.  🙂

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