Posted by: wildflowerz | July 23, 2012

Jones Disney Vacation 2013

Good Morning!  I feel so accomplished.  Today’s 180 days until our Disney vacation and I was able to make my ADRs today.  Yay!  After talking to a friend, we decided to skip the TA and just book everything on our own.  We’d used a TA in the past because it’s free and they do all the ADRs for you.  But my friend told me you could do it online now and it was really easy.  So we thought we’d give it a shot.  We booked the vacay and waited for it to be time to book the ADRs.  That was today!  So, I know you’re all just waiting to know our plan (/rolleyes), but here it is:

Arrival:  Saturday, January 19 – We’re driving down and will probably get there around 4 or 5pm.  We’ll check in and then hop on a bus to Downtown Disney to look around and have dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  We did this last time too and we all LOVED the food.  We generally stay away from chain restaurants when we can on vacation, but we don’t have an RC anywhere near us, so we tried it.  LOVED the food.  Em loved the atmosphere too.  It’s like Bugaboo Creek, but the rainforest.

Day 1:  Sunday, January 20 – We’ll have breakfast at Akershus with the Princesses and then spend the day at Epcot.  Dinner’s going to be at Via Napoli.  It’s a newer place in Italy and it’s supposed to have the best pizza in the World.  Em’s a pizza-phile, so that should make her happy. 🙂

Day 2:  Monday, January 21 – We’re spending the day at Magic Kingdom and doing dinner at Ohana at the Polynesian.  We tried to do Ohana dinner last time but it was full and our TA switched us to Teppan Edo, which she said was “kind of the same.”  Teppan Edo’s just a Japanese Steak House and we’ve got plenty of those around here.  While it was tasty, there was nothing all that special about it.  We did the character breakfast at Ohana last time, but we’re excited to try dinner.

Day 3:  Tuesday, January 22 – We’re spending the day at Hollywood Studios and doing dinner at Mama Melrose.  This is our only repeat this year.  I tried really hard to do food in the park we were going for the day this year, but there’s just not a lot at Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom.  So since we tried Mama Melrose last time and liked it a lot, we decided to do it again.

Day 4:  Wednesday, January 23 – We’re spending the day at Animal Kingdom and doing dinner at Yak & Yeti there.  Again, trying to stay in the park we’re at, so we thought we’d give it a shot.

Day 5:  Thursday, January 24 – We’re planning on spending the day at Universal and doing dinner at The Wave at the Contemporary.  This one’s new too and is supposed to be a “healthy” place.  We’ll see, but the menu looks good.

Day 6:  Friday, January 25 – Just like last year, our last full day is Em’s choice on park.  Right now, she says she wants either Epcot or Animal Kingdom.  No, really!  We’re doing dinner at Biergarten.  After I made our ADRs, I wished I’d made Ohana our last day, but not enough to change it.  Oh well.  🙂

So there ya go.  We’re very excited.  Last time, we had 2 non-expiring Universal tickets from the first time Chris and I went to Disney, so we only had to buy Em’s ticket.  This time, we’ll have to buy all 3.  I was thinking we should do a 2 park, 1 day ticket for us all, but I didn’t realize how freaking expensive those tickets were.  I know Disneys are probably worse, but the price is all in the package, so I don’t really look so much at how the total is.  Anyone know of any good place to get discount Universal tickets.  Jeez.

In Disney-related news, I finally got around to making a photo book for our last trip with Snapfish.  I finished it and placed the order yesterday.  Can I tell you, I liked it way more than scrapbooking?


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